!!!APX-20051 Cosmatic Atari Development Package Copyright (C) 1982 by John R. Powers, III
!!OVERVIEW from the manual
The COSMATIC ATARI is a cross-assembler for 1802 assembly language. The program takes your 1802 assembly language program and produces hex machine instructions and data. The 1802 microprocessor is used in many popular hobby computers and games because of its low cost and ease of implementation.\\
Example systems include:\\
- RCA COSMAC Development System\\
- VIP Game Computer by RCA\\
- Studio II Programmable Game by RCA\\
- Hughes Development System\\
- ELF II Hobby Computer by Netronics\\
- The Anything Board by Netronics\\
- Super EIF by Quest Electronics\\
- CyberVision Home Computer\\
- Popular Electronics1 COSMAC ELF Series\\
This cross-assembler will let you write 1802 programs in assembly language using all the power of symbolic references, mnemonics, and operand expression processing. You will have the same capabilities of systems costing over $5,000.\\
* [APX-20051_Cosmatic_Atari_Development_Package.pdf] ; size: 5.4 MB; mega-thanks to Fuji-Man from AtariAge!
* [APX-20051_Cosmatic_Atari_Development_Package.atr] ; mega-thanks to Fuji-Man from AtariAge!
* [RCA 1802 Wikipedia site (English)|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RCA_1802]
* [RCA 1802 Wikipedia site (German)|https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/RCA1802]
!!Emulator for Mac OS X
* [http://www.tinyelf.com/]