|Read|53764|$D204|POT4|Pot/paddle 4|628|all
|Write|53764|$D204|AUDF3| Audio channel 3 frequency |none|all

Reads the value of pot (paddle) 4.

Frequency of Audio channel 3. This value can be between 0 ($00) and 255 ($FF), where 0 is the highest tone/pitch and 255 is the lowest tone/pitch.

With a base frequency of 64kHz, distortion=10 and A3=443Hz the following values define the respective notes for PAL-ATARIs  
|6|14|13|(12)|(12)|11|10| |9| |8| |7

For NTSC-ATARIs use the following values defining the respective notes (distortion=10, A3=443Hz)  

Use [AUDC3] to set distortion and volume for channel 3.

see also: [Sound Topics], [AUDCTL], [STIMER|KBCODE]

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