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Advan Basic#

With Advan BASIC (Advan Language Design) it's not only possible to write a high-speed arcade game, it's easy. Create effortless Player/Missile graphics, background music and vertical blank interrupts. This BASIC supports the Atari's special capabilities better than any other language. But, just as the Atari is not just a game machine, Advan BASIC is not just a game language. This is a powerful, complete implementation with advanced program control, I/O and string handling.
Advan BASIC has a compiler, so it runs 10-15 times faster than Atari BASIC. But the compiled programs require an optional runtime package in order to "stand alone." Utility packages and a new high-speed optimizing compiler (see adjoining review) are also available. Advan BASIC is not compatible with Atari BASIC and uses its own Atari-compatible DOS.




; thanks to Atarimania! :-) We really appreciate your help.

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