!!!Altirra BASIC
!!Copyright (C) 2014 Avery Lee, All Rights Reserved.
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!!Atari Wiki is proud to have the license to publish Avery Lee's outstanding Altirra Basic. Avery has done a marvelous job in creating this Basic. Further, he has published the source code, too. :-) Avery, the Atari community say thank you so much for your contribution, we all appreciate very much. Please go ahead with your fantastic work.
Altirra BASIC 1.29: [atbasic.car] ; size: 12 KB\\
Altirra BASIC 1.29: [atbasic.bin] ; size: 8 KB\\
Altirra BASIC 1.29: [Altirra Basic 1.29 with DOS II 2.5.atr] ; ATR-Image with DOS 2.5 and Altirra BASIC 1.29 as AUTORUN.SYS file\\
[{Image src='Altirra1.jpg' width=438 height=265 }]
Altirra BASIC 1.29 after starting from the ATR-image\\ \\
[{Image src='Altirra2.jpg' width=298 height=82 }]
Sectors needed for Altirra BASIC 1.29 on the SD-ATR-image above\\
The original, actual version and the source code of Altirra Basic can be found can be found here:\\ \\
[Altirra at virtualdub.org|http://www.virtualdub.org/altirra.html]\\ \\
The source code itself is published within the Altirra source code package (src/ATBasic/*). For the license please see at the top of the page.\\
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