!!!Atari Basic

!! Books

* [The Atari Basic source book]
* [Atari Basic Rev C Reference Manual]

!! Atari Basic Course: An Invitation to Programming 1-3

* [An Invitation to Programming 1 CX4101]
* [An Invitation to Programming 2 CX4106]
* [An Invitation to Programming 3 CX4117]

!! Programmieren leicht gemacht-Lernen Sie BASIC mit Dagmar Berghoff-TXG4110

* [Programmieren leicht gemacht TXG4110]

!! Source and Tools

* [Atari Basic Article in Wikipedia|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATARI_BASIC]
* [Atari Basic vs. Commodore C64 Basic vs. Apple II Basic]
* [RPM810] Program to measure 810 disk speed
* [Infoline] Infoline for BASIC and ACTION!
* [ST Mouse Driver for Basic]
* [Boolean Logic in BASIC]
* [Atari Basic Special Clear Screen] (german)
* [How to find the revision number of Atari Basic]
* [Basic Fast Stack and Fast Jump]
* [BASIC on-off from DOS XL commandline]
* [Page Flip Routine for Basic]
* [RAM Move Routine for Basic]
* [Basic Program Lister]
* [UUDecoder]
* [Create Data-Statements from binary load files]
* [Schnelle Player Bewegung in Basic] (german)