Atari Compilation

Atari Compilation (TX 9043)#

Atari Corp UK released this compilation cassette in 1987. This cassette contains rereleases of the games Typo Attack, Tennis, Missile Command, Centipede and Star Raiders. Each game features a loading screen by Atari Corp UK which states the copyright date of 1987. The version on this tape of Centipede is not the regular 400/800 version but the version which was made for the 5200.


Side: 1 Typo Attack, Missile Command, Centipede: Atari_Compilation_TX9043_SideA.cas(info)
Side: 2 Tennis, Star Raiders: Atari_Compilation_TX9043_SideB.cas(info)

Individual CAS-files:#

Typo Attack: Atari_Compilation_TX9043_SideA_Typo_Attack.cas(info)
Missile Command: Atari_Compilation_TX9043_SideA_Missile_Command.cas(info)
Centipede: Atari_Compilation_TX9043_SideA_Centipede.cas(info)
Tennis: Atari_Compilation_TX9043_SideB_Tennis.cas(info)
Star Raiders: Atari_Compilation_TX9043_SideB_Star_Raiders.cas(info)


See cover picture



Atari Compilation TX9043 cover

Media pictures:#

Atari Compilation TX9043 cassette