!!!Atari Macro Assembler and Program-Text Editor CX8121
!!ATR- and ATX-Images
* [Atari Macro Assembler V1.0A and Program-Text Editor 1.0 and Editor Customizing Manager 0.0 (Basic) - Original Diskette in an ATX image|Atari_Macro_Assembler_and_Program_Text_Editor.atx]
* [Atari Macro Assembler V1.0A and Program-Text Editor 1.0 and Editor Customizing Manager 0.0 (Basic).zip]
* [Atari Macro Assembler V1.0A and Program-Text Editor 1.0.zip]
* [Atari Macro Assembler Ver. 1.0C.zip]
* [Atari_Macro_Assembler_Ver._1.0D_with_OSS_DOS_XL_2.30p_Color.atr] ; fix for DOS XL ; Thank you so much [drac030|http://drac030.krap.pl/en-fixes.php] for your help! :-)))
* [Atari_Macro_Assembler_Ver._1.0D_with_SpartaDOS_3.2g.atr] ; fix for SpartaDOS ; Thank you so much [drac030|http://drac030.krap.pl/en-fixes.php] for your help! :-)))

!! Manuals
* [Atari Macro Assembler-Original|Atari Macro Assembler.pdf] ; size 10.2 MB
* [Atari Macro Assembler-Original-OCR|Atari Macro Assembler-OCR.pdf] ; size: 2.3 MB
* [Atari Macro Assembler-Original-OCR-Screen|Atari Macro Assembler-OCR-Screen.pdf] ; size: 884 KB
* [Atari Macro Assembler Reference Card-Original-OCR|Atari Macro Assembler Reference Card-OCR.pdf] ; size: 54 KB
* [Atari Program-Text Editor-Original|Atari Program-Text Editor.pdf] ; size: 10.4 MB
* [Atari Program-Text Editor-Original-OCR|Atari Program-Text Editor-OCR.pdf] ; size: 2.2 MB
* [Atari Program-Text Editor-Original-OCR-Screen|Atari Program-Text Editor-OCR-Screen.pdf] ; size: 1.2 MB
* [Atari Program-Text Editor Reference Card-Original-OCR|Atari Program-Text Editor Reference Card-OCR.pdf] ; size: 52 KB
* [Atari Macro Assembler and Program-Text Editor.pdf]
* [Atari Macro Assembler and Program-Text Editor manual.zip]

* [Atari Macro Assembler DXG 8126|https://data.atariwiki.org/DOC/Atari_Macro_Assembler_DXG_8126.pdf] ; 53.7 MB ; German version ; Mega-Thanks to Dirk Tröger (Yellow Man) for giving us this ultra rare manual! :-)))

!! Manual online
* [The AMAC Atari Macro Atari Assembler Editor|http://www.mixinc.net/atari/amac.htm] by Nick Kennedy (highly recommended!)

!! Atari Macro Assembler Product Information Sheet II
* [Atari_Macro_Assembler_Product_Information_Sheet_II.pdf]

!!Reference Cards
[{Image src='Atari Program-Text Editor Reference Card__.jpg' width=865 height=645 }]
Atari Program-Text Editor - Reference Card\\
[{Image src='Atari Macro Assembler Reference Card__.jpg' width=835 height=630 }]
Atari Macro Assembler - Reference Card

* [Atari_Macro_Assembler.mp4] ; example for running the Atari Macro Assembler

!! Pictures
[{Image src='Atari Macro Assembler.jpg' width=275 height=375 }]
Atari Macro Assembler\\
[{Image src='Program-Text Editor.jpg' width=280 height=375 }]
Atari Program-Text Editor\\
[{Image src='AMAC.jpg' width=281 height=269 }]
Atari Macro Assembler Disk\\
[{Image src='AMAC_(original,protected)-Protection-Code-EN.png' width=219 height=183 }]
Atari Macro Assembler Disk - souce code of the disk protection for AMAC (in 1st sector of the app) ; Thank you so much JAC! from AtariAge, we really owe you so much. God bless you.