!!!Atari Personal Financial Management System (P.F.M.S.) CX406 Copyright (C) 1981 Atari, Inc.
!!!Also as part in 'The Home Manager Kit' or 'The Home Manager' CX418 version 1 
Please check [atari8bitads.blogspot.de|http://atari8bitads.blogspot.de/2017/03/a-welcome-addition.html] from Bill Lange, which solves the mystery around the box. Great work Bill! Please go ahead, we really appreciate your help. :-)))

* [System Diskette I (Model CX8113)|Personal Finance Management System CX8113.atr]
* [System Diskette II (Model CX8114)|Personal Finance Management System CX8114.atr]
* [Blank Diskette (Model CX8100)|Blank Diskette CX8100.atr] ; special blank diskette for P.F.M.S. only. 
* [First Data Diskette|First Data Diskette.atr] ; already formatted in the required P.F.M.S.-Data-Format. Ready to use.

On both System Diskettes copy protection is used. It seems to be Atari DOS II 2.0S(?) type protection. Please take into account, that only DOS I and II were available at the time of creation. Therefore, DOS II duplicate disk would only copy sectors marked as used in the VTOC. P.F.M.S. DOS is a custom DOS II, where the directory and VTOC are different, so normal DOS II won't copy it at all. Users saw this, so they created custom versions of DUP.SYS like Yellow DOS and LJS (Long John Silver) DOS to name a couple.

The goal here would be to get rid of this, create a DD diskette, which holds both system disks on one. So now disk swap isn't necessary any more. Further a DD data diskette, which accesses drive 2 only. The code on the system disks must be changed, when programs on the 2nd system diskette are accessed, as shown in the figure below: 'P.F.M.S. Main Menu with location of the modules on the two system diskettes'.

At that point Mr. Bacardi has already taken over:

* [Personal Finance Management System CX8113 (SD-DOS 2.5).atr] ; a)
* [Personal Finance Management System CX8114 (MD-DOS 2.5).atr] ; b)

and delivered us a SD image for the CX8113 type and a MD image for the CX8114 type. 

Have already started to bring both images on just one DD image:

* [Personal Finance Management System CX8113-4 (DD-DOS 2.0D).atr] ; c)

up to now, PFMS is not running with c). Who can help us?

* [Atari Personal Finance Management System-Instruction Manual|Atari_Personal_Finance_Management_System-Instruction_Manual.pdf] ; size: 14.6 MB, 92 pages (*)
* [Atari Personal Finance Management System-Quick Reference Card|Atari_Personal_Finance_Management_System-Quick_Reference_Card.pdf] ; size: 1.4 MB
(*) The manual is with OCR, navigation-links at the left, hyperlinks inside the content pages (pages v, vi and vii inside the manual, else pages 6 to 8 in the pdf file).
\\  \\
[{Image src='Manual Cover.jpg' width=367 height=480 }]

Atari Personal Finance Management System - Instruction Manual Cover

!!Atari Personal Finance Management System CX406 box images:
[{Image src='Front.jpg' width=565 height=640 }]
CX406 binder front 1  ; Giga thanks goes to Curt Vendel from: www.atarimuseum.com\\
[{Image src='Binder 7.jpg' width=462 height=512 }]
CX406 binder front 2 \\
[{Image src='Binder 1.jpg' width=450 height=345 }]
CX406 binder front 3 \\
[{Image src='Back3.jpg' width=585 height=650 }]
CX406 binder back 1 ; Giga thanks goes to Curt Vendel from: www.atarimuseum.com\\
[{Image src='Back 2.jpg' width=472 height=512 }]
CX406 binder back 2\\
[{Image src='Side.jpg' width=512 height=81 }]
CX406 binder side view  \\
[{Image src='Content.jpg' width=565 height=615 }]
CX406 binder cover ; Giga thanks goes to Curt Vendel from: www.atarimuseum.com \\
[{Image src='Seperators 2.jpg' width=512 height=42 }]
CX406 binder - seperators  \\
[{Image src='Disks.jpg' width=619 height=675 }]
CX406 Diskette Holder ; Giga thanks goes to Curt Vendel from: www.atarimuseum.com\\
[{Image src='CX8113.jpg' width=398 height=301 }]
P.F.M.S. System Diskette I (Model CX8113) \\
[{Image src='CX8114.jpg' width=458 height=312 }]
P.F.M.S. System Diskette II (Model CX8114) \\

!!Atari Personal Finance Management System CX406 menu images:
[{Image src='1-Start.jpg' width=437 height=277 }]
P.F.M.S. Startscreen  \\
[{Image src='2-Main Menu.jpg' width=420 height=260 }]
P.F.M.S. Main Menu  \\
[{Image src='2-Main Menu__.jpg' width=420 height=260 }]
P.F.M.S. Main Menu with location of the modules on the two system diskettes  \\
[{Image src='3-Note.jpg' width=432 height=261 }]
P.F.M.S. Note \\
[{Image src='4-Insert the new data diskette.jpg' width=435 height=271 }]
P.F.M.S. Insert the new data diskette \\
[{Image src='5-Insert the data diskette.jpg' width=435 height=272 }]
P.F.M.S. Insert the data diskette \\
[{Image src='6-Insert the other system diskette.jpg' width=435 height=265 }]
P.F.M.S. Insert the other system diskette \\
[{Image src='7-Record Keeper Functions.jpg' width=434 height=264 }]
P.F.M.S. Record Keeper Functions \\
[{Image src='8-Budget Manager Menu.jpg' width=433 height=265 }]
P.F.M.S. Budget Manager Menu \\
[{Image src='9-Checkbook Balancer.jpg' width=435 height=265 }]
P.F.M.S. Checkbook Balancer \\
[{Image src='Check.jpg' width=436 height=264 }]
P.F.M.S. Check \\
[{Image src='10-Checkbook Balancer Menu.jpg' width=433 height=263 }]
P.F.M.S. Checkbook Balancer Menu \\
[{Image src='11-Statement Balance.jpg' width=435 height=263 }]
P.F.M.S. Statement Balance  \\
[{Image src='12-Budget Analyzer Menu.jpg' width=432 height=261 }]
P.F.M.S. Budget Analyzer Menu  \\
[{Image src='13-Forecaster Method Menu.jpg' width=434 height=265 }]
P.F.M.S. Forecaster Method Menu  \\
[{Image src='14-End of Personal Financial Management System.jpg' width=438 height=270 }]
P.F.M.S. End of Personal Financial Management System  \\
!!Atari Personal Finance Management System CX406 advertising images:

From Atari FAQ 1980: January:
...Personal Finance (never shipped as introduced; possibly eventually shipped as: Personal Financial Management System). Also, list prices for the 400 and 800 packages increased to US$630 and US$1,080 (up from US$550 and US$1,000)

[{Image src='CXL4012-Atari_Personal_Finance_CXL4012_Cartridge.jpg' width=507 height=635 }]
Personal Finance: CXL4012 ; estimated as an cartridge before July 1980\\
[{Image src='CXL4012-Missile_Command_Cartridge.jpg' width=200 height=244 }]
CXL4012 cartridge was Missile Command for real later in time\\
[{Image src='Advertise 2.jpg' width=295 height=890 }]
[{Image src='Advertise 3.jpg' width=309 height=199 }]
P.F.M.S. advertising image 1 - 11/1981  \\
[{Image src='Mid 1982-3.jpg' width=500 height=87 }]
P.F.M.S. advertising image 2 - mid 1982  \\
[{Image src='Advertise 4.jpg' width=410 height=818 }]
P.F.M.S. advertising image 3 - first quarter 1983  \\
[{Image src='Advertise 6.jpg' width=662 height=533 }]
P.F.M.S. advertising image 4  \\
[{Image src='Advertise 1.jpg' width=456 height=393 }]
P.F.M.S. Example  \\
[{Image src='MACE_Newsletter_Feb_1982_0022.jpg' width=638 height=825 }]
ATARI Personal Financial Management System review in the February 1982 M.A.C.E. Newsletter, page 23\\
[{Image src='MACE_Newsletter_Feb_1982_0023.jpg' width=638 height=825 }]
ATARI Personal Financial Management System review in the February 1982 M.A.C.E. Newsletter, page 24\\
[{Image src='AtariPersonalFinanceRecall.png' width=469 height=351 }]
ATARI Personal Financial Management System recall in the August 1982 M.A.C.E. Newsletter\\
[{Image src='Atari-8bit-ad.jpg' width=599 height=800 }]
ATARI Personal Financial Management System ad from 1982\\
[{Image src='home-manager-kit.png' width=292 height=320 }]
ATARI Personal Financial Management System as part of The Home Manager Kit

!! Thanks

[James Bradford|Thanks#section-Thanks-JamesBradford] help in preserving this software\\
Thank you Bill Lange for providing the articles from the 1982 M.A.C.E. Newsletters, the ad pictures and the help to solve the mystery around the box.