!!!Bitwise manipulations - Bit calculations

In order to do calculations on the lowest level of machine language, it is a good idea to use some tools for this kind of work. AtariWiki introduces some of them:\\
For dealing with bits and operations, please use the following conversion table:\\
[{Image src='XOR.jpg' width=494 height=145 }]
Conversion table for bits with used operations\\

AtariWiki highly recommends for bit manipulation and calculations:\\
- [HP-16C calculator|http://www.hpmuseum.org/hp16.htm] ; thanks to the hpmuseum.org\\
- [TI Programmer|http://www.datamath.org/Sci/MAJESTIC/Programmer.htm] ; thanks to Joerg Woerner\\
- [TI LCD Programmer|http://www.datamath.org/Sci/Slanted/LCD-Programmer.htm] ; thanks to Joerg Woerner\\
- [TI Programmer II|http://www.datamath.org/Sci/Slanted/Programmer-II.htm] ; thanks to Joerg Woerner\\
- PC's or Mac's own calculators in the programmer mode\\
- [PCalc|https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pcalc/id284666222?mt=8] in the programmer mode for iPhone/iPad\\
- [Computer programmer‘s flavor (former Touch 16i app, emulation of the HP-16C calculator)|https://epxx.co/ctb/touchios/] ; for iPhone/iPad