!!! C and C++
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!! OSS tiny-c Copyright (C) 1978 tiny c associates, 1982 OSS, Inc., Thomas A. Gibson and Scott B. Guthery
OSS tiny-c was a small C compiler disk.\\
From Atari FAQ:\\
First sold C compiler by OSS. This compiler was used to compile itself! First true language "bootstrap" on any 8-bit machine (it was also available for Apple and CP/M machines). Derived from Dr. Dobbs "Small C". Compiles to 6502 code which emulates the 8080 instruction set.\\
! Manual
* [OSS tiny-c manual|tiny-c_manual.pdf] ; size: 2.6 MB
! ATR-Images
* [TINY-C_program_disk.atr] ; TINY-C+ Version 1.1 program disk ; Mega-thanks to Kyle22 from AtariAge for giving us the ATR-imgaes, we are deep in your debt!
* [TINY-C_source_disk.atr] ; TINY-C+ Version 1.1 __source code__ disk with ASM-files ; Mega-thanks to Kyle22 from AtariAge for giving us the ATR-imgaes, we are deep in your debt!
! Pictures
[{Image src='TINY-C_.jpg' width=788 height=134 }]
OSS TINY-C+ Version 1.1 program startscreen\\
[{Image src='DIR.jpg' width=294 height=293 }]
OSS TINY-C+ Version 1.1 directory of program disk\\
[{Image src='tiny-C_Title.jpg' width=485 height=358 }]\\
OSS tiny-c manual cover\\
[{Image src='tiny-c.jpg' width=275 height=305 }]\\
OSS tiny-c ad\\
!! OSS C/65 Copyright (C) 1982 OSS, Inc.
C programming language for the Atari. A subset of C, C/65 only generated assembly source code. An assembly compiler (like MAC/65) is needed to generate an executable file. Marketed, not produced by OSS.\\

! Manuals
* [OSS C-65 Manual.pdf|http://data.atariwiki.org/DATA/OSS_C-65-Manual.pdf] ; size: 40,2 MB; thanks to Serious Computerist
* [OSS C-65 Reference Manual-(C) 1982 OSS, Inc..pdf] ;full OSS C/65 Reference Manual with OCR; mega-thanks to Fuji-Man from AtariAge! 
* [C/65 Manual (text version)|C65Manual-Text]
* [OSS C 65 Quick Start Guide.pdf]

! ATR-Images
* [OSS C-65.atr] OSS C/65
* [OSS C-65 with TURBO-DOS XE.atr] OSS C/65 with TURBO-DOS XE
* [C-65 (A) - C-65 with DOS XL 2.30.atr] OSS C/65 with DOS XL 2.30 - Part A with the compiler
* [C-65 (B)  - MAC-65 with DOS XL 2.30.atr] OSS C/65 with DOS XL 2.30 and MAC/65 as editor for creating C source files - Part B
* [C-65 with OS-Aplus-1.atr] OSS C/65 with OS/A+ Disk 1
* [C-65 with OS-Aplus-2.atr] OSS C/65 with OS/A+ Disk 2

! Picture
[{Image src='c65-front.png' width=301 height=501 }]\\
OSS C/65 Cover\\
!! CC65 ; CC65 is a PD C cross compiler for Atari 8-bit computers
* [CC65 suite|CC65_suite.zip] ; size: 4.4 MB ; complete developer package from all over the internet. Working! Thanks to Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science for hosting many files. :-)
* [CC65 Einsteigerkurs]
* [CC65 Porting ideas]
* [3dMaze] A 3D Maze Program by Stefan Haubenthal
* [Graphics 15plus] - This is a small example on how to use Graphics 15+ with CC65
* [Greed] - a Game in CC65
!! Deep Blue C
! ATR-Images
* [Deep Blue C A.atr]
* [Deep Blue C B.atr]
* [Deep Blue C Compiler version 1.1 (1982).atr]
* [Deep Blue C (alt) A.atr]
* [Deep Blue C (alt) B.atr]
* [Antic_Deep_Blue_C_compiler.atr] ; Compiler version 1.2
* [Antic_Deep_Blue_C_compiler_Docs.atr] ; Compiler version 1.2 documents
!! Lightspeed C 1.15
! Manuals
* [Lightspeed C.pdf] Lightspeed C manual
! ATR-Images
* [Lightspeed C 1.15 A.atr]
* [Lightspeed C 1.15 B.atr]
* [Lightspeed C (s1).atr]
* [Lightspeed C (s2).atr]
* [Lightspeed C (s3).atr]
!! C++
! ATR-Images
* [Cplusplus 1.2 A.atr]
* [Cplusplus 1.2 B.atr]