!!!Edit 6502 ; Copyright (C) 1981 LJK Enterprises, Inc.

Very fast Assembler, Editor and Monitor for Atari 400 and 800 under OS B

!!CAR Images
* [Edit6502 LJK (8K).car]

!!ROM Images
* [Edit6502 LJK (8K).rom]

!!ATR Image
__still missing the diskettes which came with the package. Who can help us?__

* [Edit 6502 with DOS 2.5 SD.atr] ; Edit 6502 on an atr image as file along with DOS 2.5 SD

* [Edit_6502_Manual.pdf] ; size: 18.7 MB ; thank you so much bcombee from AtariAge to bring this lost to believe manual to the light! Big thank you!

* [Edit 6502 on archive.org|https://archive.org/details/Edit6502Manual/page/n5]

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EDIT 6502 commands\\
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Description of EDIT 6502