!!! English Software Company FORTH

Seems to be based an FIG-FORTH, but with some unique "Words". Requires an Atari 400/800 OS (non-XL) or Oldrunner Disk. In The Netherlands EsForth was released by Aackosoft, who distributed many titles from English Software. This cassette version runs also on XL/XE models.

!!ATR-Image English Software release:

!!CAS-Image Aackosoft release:

[PDF Manual|English Software Company FORTH/es_forth.pdf]

[JPEG scans of the ES Forth manual|http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-es-forth_s13827.html]

!!Cover of the Aackosoft release:
[{Image src='EsForth_Aackosoft_cover.jpg' width='900' height='..' align='left|center|right' style='..' class='..' }]