!!! Some nice USB Devices for small Computers

!! USB VGA Graphic Card 

[USB VGA Graphic Card|http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/video/display/20040607023341.html]

A Japanese company is selling graphics adapters intended for USB 2.0 bus. 

Telegnosis; USB 2.0 VGA adapter allows to display 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions with 8/16/32-bit color depth, the target market for the product seems to be business-oriented customers who need some additional capabilities from their notebooks or desktops.

It is not clear which graphics processor is used in Telegnosis’ device. Keeping in mind the small size of the adapter, it is likely that the USB 2.0 VGA is powered by a mobile graphics processor with embedded memory.

[{Image src='usb2vga_1.jpg' }]
[{Image src='usb2vga_2.jpg' }]

This seems to be the same product in a different box. It can be found [here|http://www.usb2vga.de/]. According to [this site|http://www.winischhofer.at/linuxsisusbvga.shtml] it is built around the SiS315 graphic chip. A Linux driver exists, so why not Atari? ;-)

[{Image src='sitecom-usb2vga.jpg' }]

!! USB Remote Control

[ATI Remote Wonder|http://www.ati.com/products/remotewonder/index.html]

[The Unofficial RW Page|http://remotew.free.fr/product.htm]

[{Image src='remotewonder.jpg' }]

Certainly some games could be played with it and I believe it can be also put into some practical use.

-- Main.JosefAugustin - 02 Apr 2006

!! USB Skateboard

[Can be found here|http://www.ergenic.com/english_version/gameboard-pc(uk).htm]
[and here|http://www.alfadata.com/pc/skateboard.html].

Imagine playing Master of the Lamps with it! :)

-- Main.JosefAugustin - 25 May 2005

!! USB Desk Free 3D Keyboard 

[Alpha Grip 3D Keyboard/Mouse|http://alphagrip.com/index.html]

Desk-Free Keyboard device. Interesting....

[{Image src='agfrontsmall.jpg' }]
[{Image src='agcentertopsmall3.jpg' }]
[{Image src='agtoprightsmall.jpg' }]

!! USB foldable and changable Keyboard 

[Ideazon Keyboard|http://www.ideazon.com]

Special Keyboard with changeable insets for games.

[{Image src='F9079983.jpg' }]

-- Main.CarstenStrotmann - 11 Aug 2004

!! USB Flash Stick 

Q: What about access to one of the often used USB Flash Storages? <br>
e.g. the Kingmax USB 2.0 128MB. -- Main.RalfPatschke - 11 Aug 2004

A: USB 2.0 might be to much Software Driver overhead for a small machine, but USB !! might be possible. We're already investigating. As always, help in getting the knowlegde in USB UFI mass storage driver programming is appreciated. 

-- Main.CarstenStrotmann - 07 Sep 2004

!! The Claw 

[The Claw Homepage|http://www.claw.com.au/] 

The ultimate weapon for the single player and online gamer.

Increase speed, Improve reflex time. Programmable commands at your fingertips delivering fast, accurate game control.

Forget your old keyboard gaming woes, it's time to feel the Claw's ergonomic shape and utilise the benefits of its advanced game control software.

The Claw&#8482; is designed to be used, in conjunction with a mouse, to provide the ultimate controller set-up for 3D action games.

[{Image src='ClawISO-no-cable-on-Black-B.gif'}]

[{Image src='Top-ISO-Claw-View.gif'}]

-- Main.CarstenStrotmann - 02 Nov 2004

!! USB Sound Blaster Digital Music LX

[Creative Homepage|http://www.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=1&subcategory=207&product=10246] 

Improve the Digital Audio in your PC or Notebook (or 8bit computer) in One Step

USB Sound Blaster Digital Music LX delivers high quality stereo sound for digital music, movies and gaming. Also, with Creative Multi-Speaker Surround® (CMSS), you can enjoy virtual surround sound with Dolby® Digital 5.1 DVD movies, 3D games and MP3 music on your stereo speaker systems or headphones! 

-- Main.ChrisMartin - 04 Dec 2004

!! Competition Pro USB

Vendor: [Speedlink|http://www.speed-link.com/prod.php?lang=de&sys_id=1&pb_id=1&prod_num=SL-6602]

Back to the roots with USB...

[{Image src='CompetitionProUSB.gif'}]

Available in germany at [Fairtronic|http://www.fairtronic.de/produkte.html]

Vendor [Speedlink|http://www.speed-link.com/]