!!!MAE Assembler (C) 1996 by John Harris

__MAE__, short for "Macro Assembler/Editor", was a cross-platform 6502 assembler from Eastern House Marketing of New Jersey. The company was mostly involved in products for the PET and later Commodore platforms. MAE appears to have originated on the PET before being ported to the Apple II and Atari. John Harris had previously worked on the PET and handled the port of the Atari version, and over the years large portions of the original code were changed.

* [MAE-1_with_DOS_2.5_MD.atr] ; created ATR with all files-part 1
* [MAE-2_with_DOS_2.5_SD.atr] ; created ATR with all files-part 2

* [MAE Assembler-Online manual|http://www.mixinc.net/atari/mae.htm#tableofcontents]
* [MAE_Manual.pdf] ; Online manual printed in a pdf file
* [mae120.pdf] ; Manual for version 1.2
* [MAE_0.95.pdf] ; Manual for version 0.95
* [HISTORY.txt] ; History file of MAE Assembler
* [Install.txt] ; Install file of MAE Assembler
* [MAE.txt] ; MAE file of MAE Assembler
* [ASM.txt] ; ASM file of MAE Assembler
* [DEBUG.txt] ; DEBUG file of MAE Assembler
* [HYP.txt] ; HYP file of MAE Assembler

From [Atari FAQ|http://www.faqs.org/faqs/atari-8-bit/faq/section-69.html] we find:\\
MAE (disk)\\
version, year  : .96, 1996\\
author/company : John Harris\\
available..... : umich\\
package....... : assembler, menu, editor, monitor, docs\\
features...... : macros, source include, data include, conditional assembly\\
Two pass 6502/65816 assembler with integrated editor/monitor. Extra RAM supported.\\

[{Image src='MAE-Start.jpg' width=433 height=262 }]
MAE Assembler 1.1 start screen\\