!!!MC macroassembler by Microtec Research
The MC macroassembler by Microtec Research is often found in Atari source code listings, therefore it was at least used by Atari, Inc.\\
There are 2 EXE files:\\

!!EXE files
* [MC.zip]

--- Freeware Release ---\\
Usage: [[options] [[sourcefile[[ ]]\\
 Options are ("-" - disable, "+" or none - enable):\\
      /D[[+|-]    - place or not debug info in the file (default is /D+)\\
      /W[[+|-]    - enable or not warning messages (default is /W+)\\
      /L[[+|-]    - generate or not the file (default is /L+)\\
      /T[[+|-]    - swap or not the file to disk (default is /T-)\\
      /Mnnnn      - restrict macro recursion depth (default is /M100)\\
      /Rnnnn      - restrict repeat block repetitions (default is /R500)\\
      /Ix;x;...   - assign include directories\\
      /Ox         - assign object directory\\
      /Zx         - assign temporary directory (has no effect with /T-)\\
      /Kn         - assign COM port (1-4) for key device (default is /K1)\\
      /H or /?    - show this information\\
  Command line argument order and case are both don't care.\\
  Missing source file will be prompted.