!!!The MicroUSB Project

This is the central web page for various USB Developments for Microprocessor Systems and Homecomputers.

The goal is to provide a common USB Solution for Homecomputer Systems and Microprocessor Systems. By using identical Hardware components the most time-consuming task, writing of USB drivers, can be accelerated.

This project supports the USB development with Tools, Development Systems and Information on the USB Protocol and Hardware.

Files for the MicroUSB Project can also be downloaded from SourceForge -> [http://sourceforge.net/projects/microusb/files/]

! Hardware

* [USB Cartridge] for Atari XL/XE
* USB+Ethernet for the CS/A65 Caspaer and Gecko computer by Andre Fachat [http://www.6502.org/users/andre/csa/usb/index.html]

! Software

* [Base HID Driver|BaseHIDDriver]
* [USB Device Driver Development Kit Disk|https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=111428&package_id=120826]
* [Atari USB Enduser Driver Disk|AtariEnduserDriverDisk]
* [Keyboard Driver|Atari+USB+Keyboard+Driver]
* [Digital Joypad Driver|[Digital Joypad Driver]
* [Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB Driver|JoypadRumblePadTwoUsb]
* [Analog Joystick Driver|AtariAnalogJoystickDriver]
* [Thrustmaster Steering Wheel Driver|USB+Steering+Wheel+Driver] ( [Pictures of Pole-Position USB Version|ProjUSBCartAtariWheelPolePosPics] )
* [Logitech GP Steering Wheel Driver|Logitech+Formula+GP+USB+Wheel+Driver]
* [Logitech VP Steering Wheel Driver|Logitech+Formula+VF+USB+Wheel+Driver]
* [Device compatibility matrix|DeviceMatrix]

!! Documentation

* [How to write a new USB HID Driver|How+to+write+a+USB+Driver]
* [How to write patch a Game for USB usage|How+to+patch+a+game+for+USB+Usage]

!! Devices

* [Interesting USB Devices]