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Pack and unpack in 7z format with a Mac#

First open the Terminal app and type in:

brew install p7zip

The program itself is called: '7z'

In Terminal you can type in:

man 7z

for further information. Please see below for a copy of the info, too.

For a smart handling, please type in:
cd <path of the folder, you want to work with>
for example:
cd folder
Even more smart is to just type in 'cd ' (please don't forget the blank after the letter d and then just drag & drop the folder with the archive inside to the actual cursor position! That saves you a lot of typing! :-)

Example for packing#

For packing a file or an archive, please type in:
7z a file.7z <path of the file>

file.7z is the name of the archive which will be created in 7z format with the suffix 7z.
<path of the file> must be the path on your Mac leading to the file and file itself at the end, of course. The same is true when dealing with a folder.

Example for unpacking#

For unpacking a file or an archive, please type in:
7z x <path of the archive.7z>

The program will then unpack the file 'archive.7z' in the same folder.


- Tomasz 'Kr0tki' Krasuski for telling us about the best packer available - Carsten Strotmann for sharing the knowledge on how to do it on a Mac as smart as possible


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