SNAUT V. 1.2 - Ein FORTH 83 Compiler ; (P) H. Köhler ; (C) 1986 Compy-Shop#

There are those who called it vaporware, but in 2017 Stefan proved once and for all, they were all wrong!
We do not know how Stefan did it, but he really made the dream come true! :-)))
After 31(!) years, we can offer you this believed to be lost part of Atari history. Therefore, enjoy! :-)))

ATR image#



SNAUT - folder

SNAUT - folder content

SNAUT - diskette

SNAUT - cover of the manual

SNAUT - startscreen

SNAUT - disk content

SNAUT - advertisement from the German magazine Computer Kontakt (CK) from February / March 1987 ; Thanks to Mr. Bacardi for this information!


- Stefan who has found this very unique artifact, which was believed to be lost. Thank you so much Stefan, we are deep in your debt and owe you very much. Please go ahead! :-)
- Mr. Bacardi for the information and the picture of the advertisement! We really appreciate your help very much! Please go ahead! :-)