!Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to create a stand-alone ACTION! Program

# download a RUNTIME Source, either the original OSS Runtime -> [Original ACTION System Runtime Source] or the alternative Runtime (Peter Finzel, Carsten Strotmann) -> [Alternative ACTION Runtime Source]
# (optional) delete all runtime parts your program don't need (like SOUND etc), but be aware of dependencies
# Include the Runtime File at the top of your ACTION! Source, INCLUDE "D:SYSTEM.ACT"
# save your ACTION! Source to disk, clear the ACTION! editor
# go to the ACTION! Monitor, complie your Program from Disk 'C "D:MYPGM.ACT"'
# Save the compiled binary to disk with 'W "D:MYPGM. COM"'
# switch off Computer, remove ACTION! Cart, boot DOS and test your Program from DOS


PROC main()
 BYTE I=[10],J=[15]
 PRINTDE(6,"Hello World")
 I=I*J ; shows that multiplication works