Step-by-Step Tutorial - How to create a stand-alone ACTION Program

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to create a stand-alone ACTION! Program#

  1. download a RUNTIME Source, either the original OSS Runtime -> Original ACTION System Runtime Source or the alternative Runtime (Peter Finzel, Carsten Strotmann) -> Alternative ACTION Runtime Source
  2. (optional) delete all runtime parts your program don't need (like SOUND etc), but be aware of dependencies
  3. Include the Runtime File at the top of your ACTION! Source, INCLUDE "D:SYSTEM.ACT"
  4. save your ACTION! Source to disk, clear the ACTION! editor
  5. go to the ACTION! Monitor, complie your Program from Disk 'C "D:MYPGM.ACT"'
  6. Save the compiled binary to disk with 'W "D:MYPGM. COM"'
  7. switch off Computer, remove ACTION! Cart, boot DOS and test your Program from DOS


PROC main()
 BYTE I=[10],J=[15]
 PRINTDE(6,"Hello World")
 I=I*J ; shows that multiplication works