!!!TCL - Test Computer Language ; Copyright (C) 1985-1990 by David Firth
Test Computer Language or short TCL was developed by David Firth.

This language has been designed for the programmer with an in-depth knowledge of ATARI's 8 bit computers. It
may also be useful to know a little 6502 machine code in order to extend the functionality of the language via user
defined functions and procedures.
This language will also be of use to somebody just starting to learn 6502 machine code as small (or large) machine
code routines may be incorporated directly within TCL programs themselves.
The language was written as an exercise for myself but take a look at Enigmatix! for an example of what can be
It currently works with DOS XL by just entering TCL and hitting return. It should work with other DOS systems but
it may be necessary to specify the run address yourself. The run address is 0x2600.
There are probably many errors contained within this document since it was last updated long before the last version
of the compiler (1986). I have just updated a few areas I knew were wrong but memories fade and I have probably
missed some bits.
If you have any problems or queries regarding this documentation send an Email message to myself and I'll find the
answer and update this guide.

!!ATR images
* [TCL.atr] ; TCL computer language with SpartaDOS 3.2g
* [TCL-SOURCE-original.atr] ; original source code with SpartaDOS 3.2g ; 720 KiB image
* [TCL-SOURCE CODE with OSS DOS XL 2.30p DD.atr] ; original source code with OSS DOS XL 2.30p DD ; 180 KiB image

* [TCL.pdf]

!!Source Code
BOOT TCL-SOURCE.ATR without BASIC from above

* [TCL on AtariAge|https://atariage.com/forums/topic/269553-test-computer-language-version-22-from-d-firth] ; Thank you so much for your help David Firth, we are deep in your debt! A great thank you from the Atari community worldwide!