!!!TURBO-BASIC XL ; official suffix from Frank Ostrowski is: TUR

TURBO-BASIC XL is a fast [Basic] Interpreter for the Atari 8bit XL/XE. Written by Frank Ostrowski and first published by German Happy Computer magazine. TURBO-BASIC XL is fully compatible to [Atari Basic] with an extended set of commands. There is also a TURBO-BASIC XL Compiler. A handbook (in German) can be found at [http://www.strotmann.de/~highland/bib/bibindex.html]\\
TURBO-BASIC XL is compatible with Atari BASIC, but it runs three to four times faster when interpreted and has advanced program control and I/O commands. Using the TURBO-BASIC XL compiler makes programs run 15-20 times faster than Atari BASIC and it will compile Atari BASIC programs too!\\
TURBO-BASIC XL will only work on XL and XE computers with at least 64K. Ostrowski is also the author of GFA BASIC for the Atari ST, which is being distributed in the U.S. by MichTron.\\
TUREX.COM is the enhancement for TURBO-BASIC XL you are looking for. So, load TURBO-BASIC XL, then BLOAD or BRUN the TUREX.COM file. You now have an extended version of TURBO-BASIC XL with various new commands. Take a look at the TUREX.TXT file, it is the german documentation which shows all available extra commands...\\
As mentioned before, all *.XTB files are only examples for the TURBO-BASIC XL enhancement. (The "Extended TURBO-BASIC XL" was originally released as an *.ARC file, I also put this file on the disk together with Unarc.COM; but you already find all unarced files on the disk, so the ARC file is kinda redundant and just there for archiving purposes.)\\
Afair, XTB had been created by Thorsten Karwoth, he is also the author of Atari Macro Assembler 4.32, Atari Macro Assembler XE 2.1, Power Packer, Packer and Linker, Megablast, MyDOS Batchfile Enhancement, Laser Duell, Soundmonitor Professional and a few other programs. Thank you so much Thorsten, for giving your work into PD. We really owe you very much. The community is deep in your debt!\\
* [Wikipedia: Turbo Basic XL (english)|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbo_Basic_XL]
* [Wikipedia: Turbo Basic XL (deutsch)|http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbo-BASIC_XL]
* [Multi Zoom Master] Graphics Program by Carsten Strotmann
* [Player Missile in Turbo Basic]
* [Simple Blitter]
* [http://seriouscomputerist.altervista.org/pages/language/language.basic.htm] ; highly recommended!
* [http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Turbo_BASIC_XL] ; Turbo-BASIC XL description in Polish ; highly recommended! 
* [http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Tokeny_Turbo_BASIC_XL]; Turbo-BASIC XL tokens in Polish ; highly recommended!
* [http://www.stcarchiv.de/hc1985/12/turbo-basic] ; Listing des Monats für den 800XL: Turbo-Basic
* [http://www.stcarchiv.de/hc1986/05/frank-ostrowski] ; Frank Ostrowski: Der Interpreter als Sprungbrett zum Erfolg
* [http://www.stcarchiv.de/hc1988/05/turbo-basics-autostart] ; Atari XL/XE: Turbo-Basics Autostart
* [http://www.stcarchiv.de/hc1988/07/karriere-als-programmierer] ; Karriere als Programmierer: Porsche, Prunk und blaue Scheine

!!Pictures form Frank Ostrowski
[{Image src='Frank_Ostrowski_1.jpg' width=422 height=481 }]
Frank Ostrowski around 1985\\
[{Image src='Frank_Ostrowski_2.jpg' width=889 height=893 }]
Article of Frank Ostrowski's Turbo-Basic XL from 12/1985\\
[{Image src='Frank_Ostrowski_3.jpg' width=533 height=372 }]
Frank Ostrowski and his boss in the mid 80's\\

!!Source Code
After years of investigation and paying government fees in 3 digits amount, AtariWiki can disclose, that the author of TURBO-BASIC XL, Frank Ostrowski, has left us in 2011 at age 50 due to a severe disease. Deep investigations, regarding his brother, his sisters, his colleagues and so on, come to the conclusion, that the source code is lost in time. Even the enhanced version from Thorsten Karwoth is lost, because of a water damage in Thorsten's home, which destroyed all listings and diskettes. That is a very sad status, but there is still hope. If someone out there in the galaxy can build a source code out of this marvelous program from the original object code, like Lorenz did with Star Raiders [Star Raiders source code by Lorenz Wiest], we can rebuild it, we have the capability to build the best Basic for Atari ever, faster, stronger, better. We call the six million dollar Basic just simple Ultimate Basic. With all the source codes now in PD: [Source Codes|https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Articles#section-Articles-ProgrammingLanguages] it should be possible. Stay tuned.\\
Frank, wherever you are, you really did a man's job, so outstanding and far ahead of your time. Germany is deep in your debt and so is the worldwide Atari community. We will never forgot your work and your contribution to the world. You belong to those, who are not replaceable and will never be forgotten. May god bless you, wherever you are now.\\
Well, sometimes miracles happen, so today: 5/22/17 ; Somewhere out there in the galaxy a very good soul (who prefer to stay in the dark) with a great heart at the right place had the source code und we can offer it now with the permission of the Ostrowski family. Here we go:\\
* [TBXL_DSDD_DOS_XE.atr] ; size: 368 KB ; complete source on one disk image (DSDD) with DOS XE ; the ACTION! cartridge can read in the source code and the Bibo Assembler\\
* [TBXL_SSDD_DOS_2.0D-1.atr] ; size: 184 KB ; complete source on two disk images (SSDD) with DOS 2.0D part 1/2 ; the ACTION! cartridge can read in the source code\\
* [TBXL_SSDD_DOS_2.0D-2.atr] ; size: 184 KB ; complete source on two disk images (SSDD) with DOS 2.0D part 2/2 ; the ACTION! cartridge can read in the source code\\
* [TEXT.zip] ; size: 683 KB ; complete source code in one folder as text files. Please take into account, that the tokens in file #11 are with special characters, therefore, we made some screenshots of these letters on an original Atari.\\ 
* [Atari_Ampel_Decoder_0.09.zip] ; typed-in object codes from the Happy Computer magazines as text files regarding the interpreter, compiler, runtime etc. including an Ampel decoder. Ampel is a Basic program for typing in object code with checksums in order to verify the typed-in listing.
* [TurboBasic XL v1.5 MADS source (disassembly)|http://atariage.com/forums/topic/266070-turbobasic-xl-v15-mads-source-disassembly/] ; [TurboBasic XL v1.5 MADS source (disassembly)|tb1_5-mads.asm] from dmsc from AtariAge. dmsc that is an incredible outstanding work! The community is deep in your debt for sharing your work with us. Thank you sooo much! :-)
* [Turbo-Basic XL 2.0 with DOS command restored to 1.5|http://atariage.com/forums/topic/265869-turbo-basic-xl-source-code-now-in-pd-and-online/page-3#entry3770028] ; [Turbo-Basic XL 2.0 with DOS command restored to 1.5|tb20-mads.asm] ; thank you so much peteym5 from AtariAge, that is so outstanding. Thank you so much! :-)))
* [Turbo-Basic XL 2.0 Source Code Disk|Turbo-BASIC-20-Source-Code.zip] to build the executable on the Atari itself as shown in the [Building Turbo BASIC XL for the Atari XL/XE From Source Code|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFNRZ_49un8] video

* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-Cartridge.car]
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-built_in_(XE).car]
* [Turbo-BASIC_XL_1.5_(Switchable_XEGS).car] ; thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.5,_Compiler_1.1,_Runtime_and_Linker.car] ; TURBO-BASIC XL 1.5, Compiler 1.1, Runtime and Linker in just one single cartridge ; thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)

* [Turbo-BASIC_XL_1.5_(Switchable_XEGS).rom] ; thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.5,_Compiler_1.1,_Runtime_and_Linker.rom] ; for use with Atari800MacX emulator ; thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.5,_Compiler_1.1,_Runtime_and_Linker_Altirra.rom] ; for use with Altirra emulator ; thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)\\

There is only one byte difference between the headers in the two files above, which is in the cartridge type definition section of the header. The Altirra CAR has the correct byte of "55" for a SIC cart, whereas the Atari800MacX CAR has "30", which is the type defined for a MegaCart 256 KB. Thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)

* [TurboBasic_XL_with_DOS_2.5_SD.atr] ; TURBO-BASIC XL with Compiler and Runtime on one single disk
* [Happy_Computer_1985b.atr]; TURBO-BASIC XL with helper program AMPEL for typing in from the original listing in the Happy Computer magazine
* [Frost_Basic_1.4_cryptic.atr] ; Frost Basic 1.4 for the Atari 400/800 with 'cryptic info', which was released after the TURBO-BASIC XL 1.5 for the XL machines ; Copyright (C) 1985 Markt & Technik Software
* [Turbo_Basic_1.4.atr] ; Turbo Basic 1.4 for the Atari 400/800 ; altered Frost Basic, which seems to be the first version for just the 400/800 machines
* [Turbo_Basic_1.4_HC.atr] ; Turbo Basic 1.4 for the Atari 400/800 with Happy Computer startup screen
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.5,_Editor,_Compiler,_Runtime_and_AMPEL.atr]
* [Extended_TURBO-BASIC_XL.atr]
* [Extended_TURBO-BASIC_XL-Manuals.atr]
* [Turbo-BASIC_XL-Extension.atr] ; thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.6.atr]
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-3.2q-SpartaDOS.atr] ; Thank you sooo much Tom Hunt for giving the community the [SpartaDOS suite for TURBO-BASIC XL|Turbo_Basic_XL_for_Sparta_DOS_3.2d.zip]! We really appreciate your help so much. Please go ahead! :-)))
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_for_SpartaDOS_3.2d.atr]
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-(NTSC)_with_DOS 2.5.atr]
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_suite.atr]
* [All Turbo-Basic versions|TBXL_Versions.zip] ; size: 290 KB ; all 7 versions of Turbo-Basic in one zipped folder ; incredible work from CharlieChaplin from AtariAge. Thank you so much CharlieChaplin for preserving this part of culture. :-)))

* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_3.2q.zip] ; thank you Tom Hunt from CTH Enterprises

* [Turbo-BASIC_XL_1.5.cas] ; thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)

* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-Interpreter.pdf] ; size: 2 MB
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-Turbo_Compiler.pdf] ; size: 1.7 MB
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-Expanded_Documentation.pdf] ; size: 4.9 MB
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_Manual.pdf] ; size: 1.7 MB
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-Compiler.pdf] ; size: 1.8 MB
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-Compiler_Info.pdf] ; size: 431 KB
* [Expanded-TURBO-BASIC_XL-Documentation-Ron Fetzer.pdf] ; size: 1 MB
* [Expanded_TURBO-BASIC_XL_Documentation-Ron_Fetzer_1.pdf]
* [Expanded_TURBO-BASIC_XL_Documentation-Ron_Fetzer_2.pdf]
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-Expanded_Documentation.pdf] ; size: 4.9 MB ; thank you MrFish from AtariAge for your help! :-)
* [HC_AMPEL_Version_1.1.pdf]
* [Quick Summery of TURBO-BASIC XL command and functions|Quck_Summery_of_TURBO-BASIC_XL_command_and_functions.pdf]
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.5_Handbuch_1.pdf]
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.5_Handbuch_2.pdf]
* [TURBO-BASIC_XL-Referenz.pdf]
* [Kurzreferenz_zur_TURBO-BASIC_XL-Erweiterung.txt]\\
[{Image src='Turbo-Basic_XL_1.5-Handbuch_.jpg' width=409 height=569 }]
Turbo-Basic XL 1.5-Handbuch by Marc Brings ; highly recommended by AtariWiki! :-)))\\
The above printed book includes everything you ever want to know about Turbo-Basic! It is in German language. Only few are available, orders are taken by: Wolfgang (at) abbuc.de via e-mail. The printed book is listed with 12.50 € and includes shipping inside Germany. International orders are possible, too. Please include your address when asking. Thank you very much.\\
Das neue Turbo-Basic XL 1.5 Handbuch. Das Buch wurde langjährigen Mitgliedern als Jahresgabe 2015 überreicht. Für alle, die dieses Buch nicht bekommen haben, gibt es jetzt die Möglichkeit eines der wenigen Restexemplare käuflich zu erwerben. Der Preis beträgt: 12,50 € inkl. Porto und Verpackung innerhalb Deutschlands. Eine Bestellung bitte mit Anschrift via E-Mail an: Wolfgang (at) abbuc.de schicken. Vielen Dank.

[{Image src='Frost_Basic-MuT_Software.jpg' width=349 height=91 }]
Frost BASIC 1.4 - startscreen ; this was the predecessor of TURBO-BASIC XL 1.5 for the 400/800 machines, but was later published than TURBO-BASIC XL 1.5 itself. The characters after 1985 are by all means no mistake, indeed they match perfectly to: 'M&T SOFTWARE', which means: 'Markt und Technik Software'. Please look for yourself in the [Atari ATASCII Table]. :-)\\
[{Image src='Startscreen-2.jpg' width=713 height=183 }]
TURBO-BASIC XL - startscreen\\
[{Image src='TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.5,_Compiler_1.1,_Runtime_and_Linker_.jpg' width=659 height=162 }]
TURBO-BASIC XL - TURBO-BASIC XL 1.5, Compiler 1.1, Runtime and Linker in just one single cartridge\\
[{Image src='TURBO-BASIC_XL_1.6.jpg' width=384 height=240 }]
TURBO-BASIC XL - TURBO-BASIC XL 1.6 ; thank you so much THOR! We really appreciate your help, especially with Basic++\\
[{Image src='TURBO-BASIC_XL-Compiler_Version_1.1_Intro.jpg' width=384 height=240 }]
TURBO-BASIC XL - TURBO-BASIC_XL Compiler Version 1.1 - intro\\
[{Image src='TURBO-BASIC_XL-Compiler_Version_1.1_main.jpg' width=384 height=240 }]
TURBO-BASIC XL - TURBO-BASIC_XL Compiler Version 1.1 - main\\
[{Image src='Ron_Fetzer__.jpg' width=440 height=266 }]
Ron Fetzer