!!! Thanks
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Please take into account that this site is still in the making. So, if your name is not listed here, that doesn't mean, we have forgotten you, it just means, we still haven't found the time to insert you here. Therefore, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience concerning this.

Further, we would like to ask you for the final name of this site: thanks, credits, hall of fame, walk of fame, site of fame etc. to suggest a few.

Many people have contributed over time to the AtariWiki. In this page, we want to thank special contributors for their work preserving Atari and 6502 Programming information.

!! Bill Wilkinson

If you don't know Bill Wilkinson, you don't know anything of Atari and OSS, not even a single bit!

[{Image src='Bill.jpg' width=869 height=114 }]

Thank you so much Bill for your life achievement, your family and the Atari community will miss you. You belong to those, who are not replaceable, we are deeply in your obligation. You and your work will last forever in our consciousness and our hearts, too. We will continue your spirit, wherever you may be now. Thank you.

!! Curtis T. 'Curt' Vendel (1966-2020)

Curt Vendel was a former Atari employee(?) and provides us with extreme rare information, files etc., who are essential for the restoration of Atari's past. Curt took personal risks to save as much original Atari hardware as possible. He saved the Atari Accountant for us, an incredible amount of source code files (still to come), Silent Butler 80 and so many ultra rare hardware, software and information, the community would be much, much poorer now without it!

[{Image src='Curt Vendel.jpg' width=586 height=132 }]

!! Paul Laughton

Paul is a living legend in Atari!

!! Kathleen O'Brien

Kathleen O'Brien is the big woman in the beginning of Atari. She starts with Shepardson Microsystems, Inc. (SMI) and moved later to Optimized Systems Software (OSS). She wrote the very first Assembler for the Atari, the Atari Assembler Editor cartridge. We can’t thank her enough, for all she has done for Atari! Thank you so much.

!! Mike Peters

!!Harry Stewart

Harry Stewart has given the community such a great gift with all the source codes he provided for us, so Atari can go on forever. Harry will never be forgotten due to his work, he is already in our hearts forever. If there would be a Cecil B. DeMille Award for Atari, Harry Stewart would deserve it for sure.

[{Image src='Harry_Stewart.jpg' width=626 height=119 }]

Thank you so much Harry Stewart, we are deeply in your debt and can't thank you enough. Thank you so much. :-)))

!!Joseph C. Decuir

Joseph C. Decuir is one of the leaders who made Atari that great. He is the father of the Atari Video Computer System 2600, the Atari 800 Personal Computer System 800 and the Amiga Personal Computer. Joe's influence is hughe. He has done so much for Atari and is helping the Atari community even today. More to come...

[{Image src='Thank you Joseph C. Decuir.jpg' width=685 height=122 }]

!!Doug Neubauer

Doug Neubauer is one of the big players at Atari, we owe him so much! In 2015 he has given us the source code for Star Raiders.

[{Image src='Doug_Neubauer.jpg' width=595 height=118 }]

Thank you so much Mr. Neubauer!

!! Carol B. Shaw

Carol B. Shaw, creator of River Raid, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Calculator and many other programs.

[{Image src='Thank_you_Carol.jpg' width=436 height=113 }]

Thank you so much Carol, you will be in our hearts forever! We will never forget you! :-)))

!! Stephen D. Lawrow
Stephen D. Lawrow wrote the MAC/65 Macro Assembler for the Atari. He is a living legend! His Assembler was even used for writing programs for the C64 computer.

[{Image src='Thank you Stephen D. Lawrow.jpg' width=705 height=121 }]

!! Clinton W. Parker

Clinton W. Parker is the creator of the Action! computer language. He has given us the source code of his outstanding computer language.

[{Image src='Thank_you_Mr._Parker.jpg' width=553 height=109 }]

Thank you so much Mr. Parker!

!!Steve Hales

Steve Hales is the creator of so many programs from Synapse Software (SynCalc, SynFile...), we owe him so much! In 2015 he has given us the source code for Fort Apocalypse, further he has given us the source code listing from Star Raiders.

[{Image src='Thank_you_Steve_Hales.jpg' width=537 height=108 }]

Thank you so much Mr. Hales!

!! Frank Ostrowski
Frank wrote TURBO-BASIC XL, sadly he has left us in 2011 at age 50

!!Mike Silva

Mike Silva has given SynCalc and the source code for it into public domain!

[{Image src='Thank_you_Mike_Silva.jpg' width=512 height=112 }]

Thank you so much Mr. Silva, we are all so happy, you provided us with the best spreadsheet for the Atari ever! That is a major step for the community!!! :-)))

!!Charles W. Marslett

Charles W. Marslett has released the source code for: MyDOS 4.51, the A65 Assembler and as a major input: the FastChip source code, the rewritten ATARI Floating Point ROM routines!

[{Image src='Charles_W_Marslett.jpg' width=696 height=111 }]

Thank you so much Mr. Marslett, we deeply appreciate your help and contribution to the community. All the best you can think of! We will never forget you! :-)

!!Russ Wetmore

Russ Wetmore has released the source code for: Sea Dragon, Preppie! and Preppie! 2.

[{Image src='Russ Wetmore.jpg' width=562 height=110 }]

Thank you so much Mr. Wetmore, we really appreciate your help and contribution to the community. All the best you can think of!

!! bob1200xl from AtariAge

[{Image src='Thank_you_bob1200xl.jpg' width=520 height=113 }]

Thank you so much bob1200xl for sharing the Basic XL source code with us! Further, the last piece of the Atari Educational System, which is now complete, not to mention all the other things you have done for the community. We will always be in your debt. :-)

!! Alfred from AtariAge

Alfred has preserved the Action! source code from being lost and shared it with us, after the OK from the creator, Clinton W. Parker. Further, he shared with the Atari community rare Action! programs, which were lost over the decades. He is vital for the Atari community.

[{Image src='Thank_you_Alfred.jpg' width=450 height=106 }]

Thank you Alfred!

!! Uwe Röder

In 1989 Uwe Röder wrote [Hypra-Soft-Basic], which was and still is the one and only Basic for Atari making reliable and mathematical correct calculations. All math floating point routines were rewritten and are the best possible condition. In 2015 Uwe Röder has given us the rights to his Basic.

[{Image src='Uwe_Roeder.jpg' width=504 height=121 }]

!! Kay Savetz

Without Kay many things of the now Atari community would be simply even unthinkable! Whether there is a mission impossible concerning Atari, Kay Savetz is our "Jim Phelbs" for these very missions. Kay has done so much for the community, he really deserves a star on the Atari walk of fame. His recent addition was the impossible to find PILOT II language. So much has to be added here, please check in from time to time to continue on this. Kay runs a podcast: http://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/rss which is highly recommended, because all the stars from the golden age are interviewed there. Further, Kay runs his own website: http://www.atariarchives.org/ which is highly recommended, too.

[{Image src='Kevin.jpg' width=569 height=119 }]

!! Allan Bushman

Allan plays a major role in preserving many Atari programs, especially those, which seem to be lost. Without him the restoration of the Atari Program Exchange (APX) would not be possible. Allan has further access to programs which are not even on the far end of the rarity list! Without his contributions the Atari community would be significantly poorer and many problems couldn't been solved. Allan please go ahead, we deeply need you.

[{Image src='Thank_you_Allan_Bushman.jpg' width=597 height=117 }]

!! Thomas 'Thom' Cherryhomes

Thomas 'Thom' Cherryhomes is a great supporter for the global Atari community. He is polymath, speaks all Atari languages, is a man of the first hour, has developed PlatoTerm and the FujiNet adapter with others, which is a milestone in Atari hardware. More to come, please stay tuned. Thom, the Atari community is very deep in your debt! Thank you so much! :-)

[{Image src='Thomas Cherryhomes.png' width=902 height=124 }]

!! James Bradford

James Bradford helped to preserve the Atari Personal Financial Management System (P.F.M.S.) box CX406

[{Image src='Thank-you-James-Bradford.jpg' width=617 height=109 }]

!! Tomasz 'Kr0tki' Krasuski

Tomasz belongs to the irreplaceables in the Atari community, he has such a deep knowledge into the machines, knows everything of roms and especially the SALT- and OSS-roms, that makes him vital for Atari's future. Without his help a complete restoring of the OSS woouldn't have been possible. He is further the creator of [A8CAS|http://a8cas.sourceforge.net/], which helped us so much in preserving all the good cassette programs for the generations to come. Tomasz, AtariWiki wishes you from the deepest heart a long and porsper life, please stay healthy and continue your outstanding work for the community. We really need you, without any doubt. Please go ahead! :-)))\\

!! Stephen J. Carden

!! Carsten Strotmann

!! Walter Lojek

!! Erhard Pütz

!! Peter Dell

Atari 800 OS B PAL ROM, rom data bank, WUDSN, MADS, Calculator Cartridge, ...

!! Freddy Offenga

!! Mathy van Nisselroy

!! Michael Current


!! Mr. Bacardi

!! Oliver Rapp

!! Gury

!! low.blow from AtariAge

!! Marceau Mallard (AtarInside)

!! Roland B. Wassenberg

Roland is one of the main contributors to this wiki, he is tireless chasing for lost items, the 'Indiana Jones' of Atari history. Roland was essential in bringing back the Atari Calculator, parts of Action!, BUG/65 and many Atari application programs. Further, the 'Atari Educational System' program with big contributions from Allan Bushman and the complete 'Voice & Data Cassette' language program, which were never be possible without the contributions from Stefan Meyer and Peter Dell. He plays a major role in getting Atari source codes.

''Thank you Roland!''

!! all the hardware people, without them, nothing would run anymore!

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