!!!Ultimate Basic ; derived from all available basic source codes for the Atari and nowadays techniques
We should be able to build the Atari Ultimate Basic, up to a 64 KiB cartridge or even 128 KiB like SpartaDOS X, which uses just 8 K from the best of all versions.\\
The main content should be:\\
- complete compatible with Atari Basic version A, B and C
- ultra fast
- with compiler and runtime
- fixed floating point math routines
- including enhanced math functions like TAN(X), SINH(X) etc.
- should be able to cope with 4 MiB RAM
- should have an editor like ACTION!
- should be open source with most of wishes from the users
- the bug list should be zero
- should be availabe for all
- ...

[{Image src='Crossbreeding.jpg' width=695 height=241 }]
Ultimate Basic trough crossbreeding?

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