!General Information 
Author: Paul Chabott\\
Language: ACTION!\\
Compiler/Interpreter: ACTION!\\
Published: ANTIC Vol. 4, #2 (06/ 85)
!!! View 3D
[{Image src='view3d.gif'}]
!!''Rotate and zoom 3-D images in ACTION!''

''Create 3-D wire-frame outline pictures in your Atari's highest resolutions, Graphics 8 and Graphics 7+. Magnify shrink rotate, and otherwise shift your view of the 3-D picture easily and fairly quickly Re-quires ACTION! cartridge, disk drive and 48K memory Antic disk subscribers can run VIEW3D.EXE without the ACTION! cartridge. Disable BASIC and use the L option from DOS 2.0S Disk or cassette.''
''When Paul submitted View 3-D to __Antic__, we saw it was easily the largest ACTION! program any magazine had considered publishing. But in recent months, we have received so many letters from readers wanting ACTION! that we thought it was time for a monster example of programming in this powerful Atari language. 

Be warned: there are ten separate program listings, nine of which are dependent on and INCLUDEd into the tenth to form one main program. Because of the nature of ACTION! there is no TYPO II, so type patiently and carefully The results will be well worth it.'' -ANTIC ED 

PDF: [View 3D/view3d.PDF]