OSS tiny-c Copyright (C) 1978 tiny c associates, 1982 OSS, Inc., Thomas A. Gibson and Scott B. Guthery#

OSS tiny-c was a small C compiler disk.

From Atari FAQ:
First sold C compiler by OSS. This compiler was used to compile itself! First true language "bootstrap" on any 8-bit machine (it was also available for Apple and CP/M machines). Derived from Dr. Dobbs "Small C". Compiles to 6502 code which emulates the 8080 instruction set.


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OSS TINY-C+ Version 1.1 program startscreen

OSS TINY-C+ Version 1.1 directory of program disk

OSS tiny-c manual cover

OSS tiny-c ad

OSS C/65 Copyright (C) 1982 OSS, Inc.#

C programming language for the Atari. A subset of C, C/65 only generated assembly source code. An assembly compiler (like MAC/65) is needed to generate an executable file. Marketed, not produced by OSS.


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OSS C/65 Cover

Deep Blue C#

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Lightspeed C 1.15#


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CC65 ; CC65 is an Open Source C cross compiler for Atari 8-bit computers#