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At line 130 changed one line
POSITION(5,1) PRINTD(6,"..........")
At line 132 changed 2 lines
PRINTD(6," ") OD
POSITION(5,10) PRINTD(6," ")
PRINTD(6,". .") OD
POSITION(5,10) PRINTD(6,"..........")
At line 136 changed 5 lines
POSITION(7,5) PRINTD(6,"’””•–")
POSITION(7,6) PRINTD(6,"‘“•——")
POSITION(6,8) PRINTD(6,"ªªªªªªªª")
POSITION(6,9) PRINTD(6,"«¬­®¯­¬«")
POSITION(7,5) PRINTD(6,"......")
POSITION(7,6) PRINTD(6,".....")
POSITION(6,8) PRINTD(6,"********")
POSITION(6,9) PRINTD(6,"+,-./-,+")
POSITION(7,11) PRINTD(6,"......")
At line 149 changed 8 lines
POSITION(6,2) PRINTD(6,"+* ª«")
POSITION(6,3) PRINTD(6,",* ª¬")
POSITION(6,4) PRINTD(6,"-* ª­")
POSITION(6,5) PRINTD(6,".* ª®")
POSITION(6,6) PRINTD(6,"/* ª¯")
POSITION(6,7) PRINTD(6,"-* ª­")
POSITION(6,8) PRINTD(6,",* ª¬")
POSITION(6,9) PRINTD(6,"+* ª«")
POSITION(6,2) PRINTD(6,"+* *+")
POSITION(6,3) PRINTD(6,",* *,")
POSITION(6,4) PRINTD(6,"-* *-")
POSITION(6,5) PRINTD(6,".* *.")
POSITION(6,6) PRINTD(6,"/* */")
POSITION(6,7) PRINTD(6,"-* *-")
POSITION(6,8) PRINTD(6,",* *,")
POSITION(6,9) PRINTD(6,"+* *+")
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