ATARI Pilot II or Super PILOT#

AED80043 48K Diskette ; Copyright (C) 1982 Atari, Inc.


ATARI Pilot II or Super PILOT was never shipped and unreleased for the general public. It was used in the Atari summer camps for educational purposes and delivered on diskette only. Therefore, we really deeply thank Kay Savetz so much again for his outstanding and excellent help. Kay, we owe you so much, endless thank you for bringing this lost to believed language to the light. You will never be forgotten! :-)))

For the normal Pilot commands please see Pilot, here, we would just like to introduce the new commands in Pilot II:
ATARI Pilot II commands of version 44

Source Code#

  • Atari Pilot II source code(info) ; Thank you so much Atari_Ace from AtariAge for your help in creating the code. We really appreciate your help, please go ahead! :-)))

ATR images#

Up to now, just the DOS-command could be find different in the two above versions, maybe there is more, the reader is invited to find out more. :-)
Both version show the following content:
Disk directory of the Pilot II program diskettes

As we can see, 139 sectors are used for the language file, while 132 sectors matches exactly with the size of 16 KB. Therefore, the size of Pilot II maybe 16.85 KB.



Several Pilot programs on ATR images#