Enhancements to Basic 2.1 ; Copyright (C) 1985 by First Byte#

Enhancements to Basic adds a number of editing and debugging commands to Atari BASIC, as well as offering direct access to some disk functions without having to exit out of BASIC to DOS. It is very similar to The Monkey Wrench in concept, but is loaded from disk rather than the right cartridge slot, which did not exist on most machines.

Among its editing commands are autonumbering (NUM), renumbering (REN) and deleting a block of lines (!DEL, to make sure it's not a typo). It adds the VERify command to ensure a store program can be successfully read. LVAR lists the variables in a program, SVAR searches the program for any line that uses a given variable name, and CVAR changes the name of a variable throughout the program.

The system also includes a program tracing feature, TRON and TROFF. In addition, it includes a number of keyboard commands that allow these features to be turned on or off while the program is running, without having to break or STOP it to type in TRON. Shift-Escape turns on TRON, and Control-Escape performs TROFF.

Build-in DOS commands include DIR, LOCK, UNLOCK, RENAME and !ERASE.



  • Enhancements to Basic 2.1 - Manual ; size: 25.8 MB ; thank you so much Allan Bushman for buying, digitizing and scanning this ultra rare to find artifact! The community is deep in your debt! Thank you so much, this is really a big add-on!


Enhancements to Basic 2.1