Quick programming language ; Copyright (C) 1989 RAINDORF SOFT & Andreas Binner and Harald Schönfeld#

ATR Images#

We are sorry, we can't offer the ATR images for free, but the right holder: dgs offers them for a cheap price. Quick currently costs US$5 on its own, or US$7 when included in the full DGS commercial software pack. Both are delivered as a ZIP file containing ATR files of the disks (including two support disks), along with a PDF of the English manual.


Quick Programs#

Quick Magazin#

These are the QUICK Magazin Disk 1 - 15.

We thank Andreas Magaenheimer for this donation.


Quick Logo

Quick Disk ; Verlag W. Raetz oder Rätz, Postfach 1640, 7510 (alte PLZ) Bretten , 75015 (neue PLZ) Bretten ; thank you Atarimania! :-)

Quick Handbuch ; thank you Atarimania! :-)

Quick Editor


We thank Fred Meijer from Atarimuseum in the Netherlands for this donation

Quick ad Christmas 1991

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