• Project Name : X-FORTH
  • Project Leader: CarstenStrotmann
  • Project Start : October 1999
  • Project Member:
  • License: GNU Public License

About X-FORTH#

The X-FORTH startet as a pet-project during my time in california (1999-2000), where I found some time to work on the A8 again. FORTH was always one language that interested me, so I started to look for FORTH on the ATARI 8bit (A8). Unfortunatly all available FORTH implementations were rather old (1979-1985), and mostly not compatible to the newer ANSI Standard. So I started a project to create a new ANSI compatible FORTH for the A8. I startet with the original FIG-FORTH Listing and a very good FORTH source with commends from Andreas Jung --> Andreas Jung FORTH for 8088/6502(%DE%).

Today X-FORTH is usable, but not fully ANSI compatible nor totally tested. It has an interface to the ATARI CIO, so it is possible to read and write files on disk and also to create a new extended FORTH System / Application Programm.

Development will continue on this project, mostly during the Unconventional Meeting in September each year.

Quick Start#

  • load Diskimage into Emulator or ATARI Machine, boot
  • MyDOS starts, select "L" to load "XFORTH.COM"
  • try FORTH words on the "OK"-Prompt
  • type "MON" to return to DOS
  • use INCLUDE" D:filename" to load file, example INCLUDE" D:S.F" to load Stack-View Word ".S"
  • use ED.COM to edit your FORTH Files (in Editor, CTRL+L = load, CTRL+S = save, ESC for menu)
  • use INCLUDE" D:MKFRTH.F" to write a new FORTH.COM to the disk. The new FORTH.COM includes all your new definitions! The new FORTH.COM autostarts the last defined word. If you like to drop to the "OK"-Prompt after loading FORTH.COM; define a WORD with the command "QUIT" as last word, example : MYFORTH ." This is MyFORTH!" CR QUIT ;
  • more detailed tutorial to come!

Source Code#

Change Log#

Main.CarstenStrotmann - 06 Jan 2003

  • fixed problem in FILE"
  • fixed problem in REFILL
  • fixed ?TERMINAL
  • fixed WORD, now ANSI Standard
  • renamed S->D to S>D, ANSI Standard
  • new Source ASCII.F
  • new Source DUMP.F
  • some minor fixes

Main.CarstenStrotmann - 11 Jan 2003

  • Language: fixed typo in CFA
  • Distribution: source definition file for RECURSE
  • Distribution: Sample File FAK.F ( recursive algorithm, factorial of numbers )
  • Distribution: Sample File FIB.F ( recursive algorithm, fibonacci numbers )

Main.CarstenStrotmann - 26 Jan 2003

  • Language: fixed command FILE"
  • Distribution: 6502 Assembler ( asm6502.f )
  • Distribution: Sieve Benchmarks ( SIEVE.F, SIEVE2.F, SIEVE3.F )

Main.CarstenStrotmann - 07 May 2003

  • Distribution: showstack ( showstck.f )

Main.CarstenStrotmann - 19 Oct 2003

  • Language: fixed FREEIOCB

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