Podcasts are a great tool for more understanding concernng everything around Atari

Antic Podcast#

Antic Podcast logo

Retrocomputing podcast about the Atari 8-bit line of personal computers.
Antic Podcast is an Atari 8-bit specific podcast with monthly shows and regular interviews. Kay Savetz and his team have nearly interviewed all of the big players of the golden age of Atari. The podcast is highly recommended! Missing it would mean, you have an Atari without a cartridge slot, to say it in one sentence. Just see for yourself:

Inverse ATASCII Podcast#

Inverse ATASCII Podcast logo

Inverse ATASCII is a podcast which investigates the serious programs from Atari, apart from just the games. Yes, they exist! Wade Ripkowski shows once and for all, that the Atari is not just a 'game machine'. In each podcast he investigates one program. He digs the program as deep as the Mariana Trench compare to mother earth. At the end, there is no question left. Therefore, AtariWiki highly recommendeds his podcast:

Player/Missile Podcast#

Player/Missile Podcast logo

This podcast is a retrospective of the Atari 8-bit home computer systems, the magazines that covered them, and a somewhat chronological review of games as they arrived on the platform.

XEGS 8 Bit Podcast#

XEGS 8 Bit Podcast logo

The XEGS 8 Bit Podcast is a podcast mainly for the XEGS system. As of 2015, there is just one podcast, but maybe many more will follow. Just see for yourself:

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