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On Side B the suffix BXE is used. Don't get confused, it is Basic XL, OSS just used the suffix BXE for that disk.

According to Alfred from AtariAge, there is a problem with EXTEND: Wrong is that the MOVE $0570,$C4,4 statement doesn't work. $0570 is loaded with the proper values, but the cart command doesn't actually move the four bytes. If you deposit the proper values in $C4 and $C6 then the extension works. Therefore please use: MOVE $0570,$C4,-4 to install the extension. Thank you very much Alfred, we really appreciate your help.

Some example programs(info) ; thanks to Charlie Chaplin from AtariAge. :-)


Source Code for OSS Basic XL version 1.02 from February 5th, 1985:#

  • ; thank you so much for your help in this bob1200xl from AtariAge, that is such a great contribution, we really appreciate your help in that case. You will always be in our hearts and we will never forget you.
Thank you so much for your help bob1200xl from AtariAge!

This is(!) the source code for OSS Basic XL 1.02 on two DOS II Version 2.0D disks without any DOS. That means they are DD disks and can be opened with the original 815 DOS, which is inside the archive above.

The source has a .bak-file from February 5th, 1985. You need Mac/65 to read in the file: "master", which is without any suffix.

Further you need two DD drives: D1 and D2. Both atr images are renamed with the corresponding D. While running, files on drive 2 are accessed. All files which can be read are in a .txt-file inside the archive. So you all can get a quick look at.

1 BASICXL102D1.atr
2 BASICXL102D2.atr
3 DOS 2.0D.atr
4 Basic XL (OSS Type A-034M).bin
5 Basic XL (OSS Type B-M091).bin
6 Example from Master.jpg
7 Types of carts.jpg
8 Win Latin 1.jpg
11 D2-BASICC.923

the txt files are coded in Win Latin 1. Hope the CRs are coming the right way. The content of the two disks are in a folder each, too. So, you can get a quick look at. Position 11 and 12: these two files are accessed from the file: "CONVRT.LIS", but they are not on the disks. Maybe someone can help us here? Further, a call goes out here to enhance the source code to the final version of Basic XL 1.03.

Bob, we are so deep in your debt. Thank you so much again. :-)


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