Read53768$D208ALLPOTAudio controlall
Write53768$D208AUDCTLPot Port Stateall

AUDCTL (Write)#

AUDCTL is the option byte which affects all sound channels. This bit assignment is:
7 0=17 bit poly counter
1=9 bit polynomial noise
6 0=clock channel 1 with 64kHz
1=Clock channel one with 1.79 MHz (NTSC) or 1.77MHz (PAL)
5 0=clock channel 3 with 64kHz
1=Clock channel three with 1.79 MHz (NTSC) or 1.77MHz (PAL)
4 0=clock channel 2 with 64kHz
1=Join channels two and one (16 bit, with 2/4=MSB, 1/2=LSB)
3 0=clock channel 4 with 64kHz
1=Join channels four and three (16 bit, with 2/4=MSB, 1/2=LSB)
2 1=Insert high pass filter into channel one, clocked by channel two
1 1=Insert high pass filter into channel three, clocked by channel four
0 0=main clock base 64 KHz
1=16 KHz main clock base

ALLPOT (Read)#

Shows if the readings of the pots are (already) valid.
0Paddle 0 PADDL0 POT0
1Paddle 1 PADDL1 POT1
2Paddle 2 PADDL2 POT2
3Paddle 3 PADDL3 POT3
4Paddle 4 PADDL4 POT4
5Paddle 5 PADDL5 POT5
6Paddle 6 PADDL6 POT6
7Paddle 7 PADDL7 POT7
If a bit equals zero (0), then the register value for that pot (e.g. Bit 0 = POT0) is valid; if the Bit is one (1), then the value is not (yet) valid, because the reading/scan is not finished yet or there is no paddle connected.
see also: Controller topics, POTGO, ALLPOT, SKCTL

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