An Invitation To Programming (cassette CX 4101)#

Atari Corp UK rereleased part one of this series under the label "Atarisoft" as a budget cassette in 1985. Atari UK changed the copyright date for lesson one to 1985 (see screenshot one), but lessons 2 to 5 still have the old copyright date of 1979.

Both sides use the dual audio format.


Side 1: An_Invitation_To_Programming_UK85_SideA.cas(info)
Side 2: An_Invitation_To_Programming_UK85_SideB.cas(info)

ATR files:#

Side 1: An_Invitation_To_Programming_UK85_SideA.ATR(info)
Side 2: An_Invitation_To_Programming_UK85_SideB.ATR(info)

FLAC file:#

Side 1:
Side 2:


See cover picture



An Invitation to Programming Cover UK 1985 rerelease

Media pictures:#

An Invitation to Programming Cassette UK 1985 rerelease