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The 'Biorhythm' theory states that human lives move in predictable wavelike patterns involving three separate cycles:

(A) Physical 23 days
(B) Emotional 28 days
(C) Intellectual 33 days

There are three major areas to this chart to be observed:


The day that the cycle switches from peak to low or low to peak is a critical day. It is defined as critical because you are neither up or down, but in a neutral state.

(A) Physical cycle: People tend to be accident prone.
(B) Emotional cycle: Emotional outbursts are possible.
(C) Intellectual cycle: Not as important by itself. It does coincide with the other two cycles and has a contributary effect.


(A) During the 11-1/2 peak days, is a good time for intensive training in athletics or for any activity requiring physical stamina.
(B) During the 14 peak days, both men and women are prone to cheerfulness, cooperation, and a positive outlook on life.
(C) During the 16-1/2 peak days of this cycle, a person finds it easier to study, write creatively understand mathematics or pursue any intellectual efforts.


(A) During the 16-1/2 low days, people are aware of a reduced vitality and endurance. In short, you will tire easily on these days.
(B) During the 14 low days, people have tendencies toward moodiness and negativism.
(C) During the 11-1/2 low days, capacities are lessened. These are days better spent in review or practice.

The biorhythm can be printed on the screen, printer or both. You select an option at this time. Only numeric entries can be entered.

(1) Enter your name. If full name is more than 15 characters, then enter only first name.
(2) Enter your birthdate. Format of MM/DD/YY.
(3) Enter the range of the printout. Format of MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YY. The two dates must be in the same year and the first earlier than the second date.

After entry the biorhythm will proceed to printout. Use CONTROL 1 to halt printout:

20 characters on the screen
40 characters on the printer





Atari Biorhythm CX4107 - box ; thanks to rhod for scanning

Atari Biorhythm CX4107 - loadscreen

Atari Biorhythm CX4107 - startscreen


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