Atari Boxes#

One spin-off out of the Atari Accountant project is a new list for the Atari CX4xy boxes. Where x and y can each be a number from 0 to 9, please see below for the actual list. Interesting is the fact, we had CX404 for the 810 drive and the same(!) program obviously for the 815 drive, the 'beast', under the mark: CX408, while the Atari 800 with 48 KiB remains the same...

So, does anyone know about the lables not yet described, e. g. 407, 409 and so on?

Would be of great help to complete this part of Atari history.

Thank you very much in advance. :-)

CX401 General Accounting System (4 SSDD Diskettes)
CX402 Accounts Receivable System (4 SSDD Diskettes)
CX403 Inventory Control System (5 SSDD Diskettes)
CX404 Atari Word Processor-for 810 drive
CX405 PILOT Educators' Package
CX406 Atari Personal Financial Management System
CX408 Atari Word Processor-for 815 drive (? SSDD Diskettes)
CX412 Atari Dow Jones Investment Evaluator
CX413 Microsoft Basic CX413
CX414 The Atari Bookkeeper
CX415 The Home Filing Manager (Basic)
CX418 The Home Manager
CX418 v.2 Atari Family Finances
CX419 The Bookkeeper
CX421 Atari Familien-Finanzen--von Budget & Income & Atari Family Finances
CX481 The Entertainer
CX482 The Educator
CX483 The Programmer
CX484 The Communicator
CX488 The Communicator II

The one and only exotic cartridge with a 8:
CXL8001 Home Finance-Checkbook Cartridge