Atari Trak-Ball controller CX80#

- Introduced June 1983 (for home computers and international markets)
- Shipped internationally only
- Identified by large triangular buttons
- Mode select switch at rear of unit, labeled JS and TB, selects JoyStick emulation or true TrackBall operation
- Trackball mode is compatible with that of the CX22 Trak-Ball
- Unit colors: dark brown top housing, dark brown bottom housing (prototype: buff white bottom housing), dark brown cue ball
- Unit label: "Atari Trak-Ball"
- Manuals:
- Atari Trak-Ball Owner's Manual CX80 C061761
- Atari CX80 Trakball Field Service Manual FD100750
- Box/Owner's Manual by Atari, Inc. International Division
Atari Trak-Ball controller CX80

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