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Atari Learning System Software#

AED-80001 Spelling in Context
AED-80002 Spelling in Context 2
AED-80003 Spelling in Context 3
AED-80004 Spelling in Context 4
AED-80005 Spelling in Context 5
AED-80006 Spelling in Context 6
AED-80007 Spelling in Context 7
AED-80008 Spelling in context 8
AED-80009 Math Facts & Games
AED-80010 Concerntration
AED-80011 Division Drill
AED-80012 Atari Sentences
AED-80013 Atari Lab Starter Set
AED-80014 Atari Light Module
AED-80015 The Learning Phone
AED-80016 U.S Geography I
AED-80017 U.S Geography II
AED-80018 Pascal 2.0
AED-80020 Secret Formula, Elemntary
AED-80021 Secret Formula, Intermediate
AED-80022 Secret Formula, Advanced
AED-80030 Introducing ..., Introducing Peter & The Wolf
AED-80033 Screen Maker
AED-80034 Player Maker
AED-80035 Book - Atari Logo, in the Classroom - a teacher's guide
AED-80037 Alien addition
AED-80038 Meteor Multiplication
AED-80039 Demolition Division
AED-80040 Aligotr Mix
AED-80041 Minus Mission
AED-80042 Dragon Mix
AED-80043 Super Pilot
AED-80044 Phone Home
AED-80045 Name Rondo
AED-80046 Create a Rondo
AED-80047 Instructional Computing Demo
AED-80048 Music I
AED-80049 Music II
AED-80050 Music III
AED-80051 Elementary Biology
AED-80052 Earth Sciences
AED-80053 Geography
AED-80054 Prefixes
AED-80055 Metric & Problem ...., Metric & Problem Solving
AED-80056 The Market Place
AED-80057 Basic Arithmetic
AED-80058 Graphing
AED-80059 Pre-Reading
AED-80060 Counting
AED-80061 Book - Free Software for Your Atari
AED-80062 Book - Atari Games and Recreations
AED-80063 Book - A Guide to Computers in the Classroom
AED-80065 Book - Atari Computer .., Educational Software Directory
AED-80066 Expeditions
AED-80067 Spelling Bee
AED-80069 Word Games
AED-80072 Atari Logo
AED-80077 Atari Pilot, Individual's Kit
AED-80078 Atari Pilot, Educator's Kit
AED-80083 Atari Microsoft BASIC II
AED-80084 LabMate - Home Edition - Ages 9-13
AED-80085 LabMate - Home Edition - Ages 14-15
AED-80087 LabMate - School Edition - Elementary
AED-80088 LabMate - School Edition - Jr. High
AED-80089 LabMate - School Edition - High School
AED-80090 AtariLab - Starter Set / Apple II
AED-80091 AtariLab - Starter Set / Commodore 64
AED-80093 Find It! / Atari
AED-80094 Find It! / Apple II
AED-80095 Find It! / IBM PC
AED-80096 Find It! / Commodore 64
AED-80097 Green Globs / Atari
AED-80098 Green Globs / Apple II
AED-80100 Yaacov Agam's Interactive Painting
AED-80101 The ABC of CPR
AED-80150 Simulated Computer II / Atari
AED-80151 Simulated Computer II / Commodore 64
AED-80152 Telly Turtle / Atari
AED-80153 Telly Turtle / Commodore 64
AED-80154 Telly Turtle / IBM PC
AED-80155 Telly Turtle / Apple II
AED-80158 Wheeler Dealer / Atari
AED-80159 Wheeler Dealer / Commodore 64
AED-80160 Wheeler Dealer / Apple II
AED-80161 Wheeler Dealer / IBM PC

Animal World
AtariLab Curriculum Module - Light
AtariLab Curriculum Module - Temperature
AtariWriter Curriculum Guide
Conduit Algebra
Swarthmore Trig

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