Atari Speed Reading CX4126 (C) 1981 Atari, Inc. ; please use with BASIC cartridge.#


Atari Speed Reading is not just another Voice & Data program from Atari. It is the(!) template how a Voice & Data cassette has to be digitized. Peter Dell and Stefan Meyer had made a masterpiece here, showing us, how this can be done. First, we have a marvelous recording with the best parameters, which made the nowadays standard for recording Atari cassettes. Second, we have a manual in a top condition to quickly and easy find entries for the users and third, we have here an incredible good separation of the Voice & Data layers for further needs.

Peter Dell and Stefan Meyer recording Atari Speed Reading CX4126


Do it yourself self paced program, in only 30 days of practice you can increase your Reading, Speed and Comprehension.  8 Workbook units / lessons with 6 Elements in each unit (Warm-Up Exercise / Phrase-Reading Exercise / Paced and Timed Readings / New Techniques / Flexible Reading / Reading Progress Graph, also includes Voice-over Audio track which provides encouragement and instructions while the programs are loading.  Requires an Atari Joystick, 410 or 1010 cassette recorder and the Atari BASIC cartridge. Ages 15 - adult. Requires 16K RAM. Thank you Bradley Koda from best-electronics-ca for the text.



Atari Speed Reading CX4126


Cassette-Images in FLAC-format (Voice & Data)#

Cassette-Images in FLAC-format (Voice only)#

Cassette-Images in ATR-format (Data only)#

Separation of Voice & Data#

After recording a cassette in the WAV-format, we can see the following picture in a program called Audacity:
Voice & Data track of a typical Voice & Data - Atari cassette ; thanks to tschak909 from AtariAge for the screenshot

The voice layer is at the top, the data layer at the bottom. With Audacity it is possible to separate the 2 layers. For Atari users with a Mac, this is important, because the emulator Atari800MacX in version 4.6.0 from Mark Grebe is not ready to read in WAV-files. Mark will take a look at that, when he has finished his PhD. Up to that time the Mac users must have that separation in order to use Voice & Data cassettes.


Atari Speed Reading cassettes

Atari Speed Reading box

Atari Speed Reading ad 1

Atari Speed Reading ad 2

Atari Speed Reading ad 3

Atari Speed Reading ad 4