Atari TrueType Font for PC and Mac#

Atari Classic TrueType Font created by Mark L. Simonson (v.2.0-2016) ; Copyright (C) 1998, 2016 by Mark L. Simonson

Thank you so much Mark, we really would like to thank you for your work. Especially for the German version. The German users are really happy about it and appreciate your contribution very much. Please go ahead!

Thank you in the name of Germany!



Version 2 character set

Atari Classic Chunky

Atari Classic Smooth

Atari Classic Extrasmooth

Old ATASCII font - version 1.2

Atari Classic Regular ; thank you so much Mark!

Atari Classic Regular with German special letters ; thank you so much Mark!


- Mark's website with a lot of more info on this subject
- Read_Me.pdf(info) ; Read Me file from Mark about version 2.0
- ReadMe.rtf(info) ; Read Me file from Mark about version 1.2