Backus–Naur form (BNF)#

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In computer science, Backus–Naur form or Backus normal form (BNF) is a notation technique for context-free grammars, often used to describe the syntax of languages used in computing, such as computer programming languages, document formats, instruction sets and communication protocols. They are applied wherever exact descriptions of languages are needed: for instance, in official language specifications, in manuals, and in textbooks on programming language theory.

Many extensions and variants of the original Backus–Naur notation are used; some are exactly defined, including extended Backus–Naur form (EBNF) and augmented Backus–Naur form (ABNF).

Source Code:#

  • Atari BASIC BNF(info) ; size: 1 MB ; original Atari BASIC BNF-Source Code from Carol Shaw with OCR; Thank you so much Carol! :-)))