Bitwise manipulations - Bit calculations#

In order to do calculations on the lowest level of machine language, it is a good idea to use some tools for this kind of work. AtariWiki introduces some of them:

For dealing with bits and operations, please use the following conversion table:

Conversion table for bits with used operations


AtariWiki highly recommends for bit manipulation and calculations:

- HP-16C calculator ; thanks to the
- TI Programmer ; thanks to Joerg Woerner
- TI LCD Programmer ; thanks to Joerg Woerner
- TI Programmer II ; thanks to Joerg Woerner

- PC's or Mac's own calculators in the programmer mode
- PCalc in the programmer mode for iPhone/iPad
- Computer programmer‘s flavor (former Touch 16i app, emulation of the HP-16C calculator) ; for iPhone/iPad

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