Atari USB Cart compatibility matrix#

USB Device Status Driver / Device Info Games / Applications
Logitech USB Wingman Precision working digital Joypad Driver Boulder Dash (Version 1)
Logitech USB Attack 3 Joystick working analog Joystick Driver --
Competition Pro USB working Joystick Driver for Competition Pro --
Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB working Logitech Rumblepad Driver
Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad USB USBTest ok, driver must be written analog Joystick Driver --
Steering Wheels
Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Digital 2 Steering Wheel working Wheel Driver Pole Position
Logitech WingMan Formula GP Steering Wheel working Logitech Formula GP Wheel Driver Pole Position
Logitech Vibration Feedback Steering Wheel; Logitech NASCAR Racing Wheel working Logitech VF Wheel Driver Pole Position
SpeedLink SL-6421-SBK Comfort Combo Keyboard, black working simple Keyboard Driver various Programms
SUN USB Keyboard Model Typ 6 USB No. 3201281-01 working simple Keyboard Driver various Programms
Logitech Mice USB working generic Mouse Driver various Programms
Microsoft Optical Intellimouse working generic Mouse Driver various Programms
USB Floppy Drives
TEAC FD-05PUW USB working
USB Sticks
Apple iPod Shuffle USB working
Crucial 256MB (reported by HIAS) working DeviceDescriptors
Extreme Memory 512MB (reported by HIAS) sometimes working DeviceDescriptors
USB Harddisk
Cypress USB2IDE Adapter (in a Trekstore USB Harddisk) working USBDOS USBDOS
Targa Databox III 300 (300 GB Harddrive) working DeviceDescriptors USBDOS
LaCie USB Harddrive mostly working DeviceDescriptors USBDOS
One-Technologies AluWRITER CDRW 52/24/52 USB 2.0 working DeviceDescriptors

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