Diskette Pack ; Copyright (C) 1985 by Atari Corp. UK #

This compilation contains 2 disks with The Home Filing Manager, The Pay-Off and an Atari Demonstration program.


Diskette Pack cover


Disk 1 Side A: Home Filing Manager system disk Diskette_Pack_1a.atx(info)
Disk 2 Side A: The Pay-Off Diskette_Pack_2a.atx(info)
Disk 2 Side B: Atari Demonstration Diskette_Pack_2b.xex(info)


Diskette Pack manual diskette_pack_manual.pdf(info)

Media picture#

Diskette Pack disk 1
Diskette Pack disk 2


Diskette Pack - screenshot 1

Diskette Pack - screenshot 2

Diskette Pack - screenshot 3