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Version 2.1

Copyright 1989 by Norm Draper

For the Atari 400, 800, XL, or XE series computers

Disk Based Documentation#

This document contains the "Getting Started" section plus other sections from the actual Draper Pascal manual. It is designed to get you up and running and doing useful things with Draper Pascal in a very short time. It does not, however, contain a detailed description of all the Draper Pascal definitions or pretend to be a comprehensive tutorial or user's reference. Registered users will receive the actual Draper Pascal manual which does contain a complete description of all definitions plus other information. Details on registering are in the last section titled "Registration Form".

The Shareware Concept#

Draper Pascal is distributed on a Shareware basis. You may use Draper Pascal without charge for the purpose of evaluating it's suitability for your use. If you find that Draper Pascal is worth continuing to use, then you are requested to become a registered user and gain the additional benefits that go along with it. Simply complete the registration form and mail it in to us with the very reasonable payment of only $15.00. When you register your copy of Draper Pascal, you'll receive the latest version of the software if your registered version is not current, along with a comprehensive printed user manual.

If you have received this copy from a Users' Group, "Software Library" or "SIG", and have paid a small fee (usually $3 to $10), you have NOT acquired the registered rights or continued right to use Draper Pascal. This fee was for the convenience of obtaining the diskette with Draper Pascal on it. The fee does NOT apply to the registration fee.

You may freely copy Draper Pascal for distribution under the Shareware concept, without charge.

You may NOT charge any fee for the Draper Pascal program or documentation without our written approval.

You may NOT distribute Draper Pascal or it's documentation in connection with ANY commercial venture, product, publication or service unless you obtain the royalty-free license by registering.


  • Draper Pascal is a complete package allowing the user to create, compile, and execute programs written in the Pascal language.
  • Many features from both UCSD and ISO standard Pascals plus many extensions, such as sound and graphics, to make use of the versatile Atari hardware.
  • Pascal structured programming features, including IF-THEN-ELSE, WHILE-DO, CASE-OF-ELSE, FOR-TO/DOWNTO-DO, and REPEAT-UNTIL are included.
  • FUNCTIONs and PROCEDUREs using local or global variables. Integer type variables can be passed directly.
  • Data types supported include: Character, String, Integer, Real, Boolean, Record, and File. One and two dimension arrays are also supported for all data types other than File and Record.
  • Only one disk drive and 48K RAM are required. Multiple, and double density, disk drives are supported.
  • Machine language subroutines may be loaded and called.
  • Program chaining is supported.
  • No limit on source program size. "Include" files are supported.
  • One-pass compiler generates pseudo code directly.
  • Maximum program pseudo code size is about 30K bytes.
  • Textual compiler error messages.
  • Execution debugging features include instruction trace and stack display.
  • Special options for error display and break key disable.
  • Single keystroke program execution repeat, exit to DOS, or exit to Main Menu program are featured.
  • Includes Editor program to create, modify, and print Pascal source files, or other text type files.
  • Includes Main Menu program (Pascal source included) for easy select of Compiler, Editor, or utility functions, such as directory or file listing. Main Menu program may be replaced with a user written program to create a turnkey operation.
  • Ramdisk support. Details provided to registered users.
  • Works with most popular versions of DOS.
  • Easy to use. No linking required. Compile and execute immediately.
  • Royalty free license available to registered users.
  • Includes sample programs.
  • Comprehensive user manual provided to registered users. Complete examples and BASIC equivalents given for each reserved word.

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