Enhancements to Graph It, Rev 1.3 - 11-13-81 - APX-20074 (C) 1982 Howard D. Siebenrock#

Up to the present day, we could not make contact to Howard D. Siebenrock to ask him for permission to publish an atr-image of his program here. So, if someone knew him or Howard is reading this, we would be very glad to get a go ahead. ;-)

Enhancements to Graph It is not just an update to the existing Atari Graph It CX4109 program, indeed it is much more, that is why it is here:

First, you need the original Atari Graph It CX4109 cassettes:

Atari Graph It CX4109 cassettes

Then load each program into BASIC, merge the program with the corresponding program via the ENTER "D:...-command from Howard's diskette and store the resulting file to a new working disk. This must be done 4 times, due to the 4 programs in Atari Graph It CX4109. Luckily these procedure has just to be done once. :-)

Now you are in the game and can use the enhanced version. Even more luckily, Kay Savetz has the original diskette as an atr-image on his great site:

Enhancements to Graph It, APX-20074 (C) 1982 Howard D. Siebenrock-Original.atr

Therefore, we are able to publish from that source the following working, already merged program as an atr-image:

Enhancements to Graph It, APX-20074 (C) 1982 Howard D. Siebenrock-Working.atr(info)

This saves you a lot of time. :-)

The advantages are as follows:

- Plots in both Radians or Degrees.
- Option to save the resulting plot in a data-file on disk. That takes up to 55 sectors on a SSSD-diskette for a 3D-plot.
- Retrieving stored data-files.

For retrieving stored plots on disk back again, please load the specific program in advance and use the specific suffix below. The pictures in Examples below give you a quick overview of the capabilities of the program.

Please take into account, that Enhancements to Graph It is from 1982, but with the option of short retrieving stored slides, we here have a first outlook for the need of a presentation program, we now all know as PowerPoint. The creation of a 3D-plot in Enhancements to Graph It can take up to several hours. Retrieving the result can be done in seconds. Again, this shows one more time, what your Atari can do for you! :-)


Enhancements to Graph It - Intro Screen

Enhancements to Graph It - Original Disk Content




  • Screenshots.zip(info) all plots from the original Graph It manual, this time with Enhancements to Graph It and in JPG-format; size: 1.4 MB


Suffix '*' Delete Files
Suffix 'D2D' XY Plot-File
Suffix 'D3D' XYZ Plot-File
Suffix 'DAB' Bar Chart-File
Suffix 'DAP' Pie Graph-File
Suffix 'DPL' Polar Plot-File

Author: If you would like to contact the author: 9309 W. 98 Court Westminster, CO 80020, U.S.A.#


- Howard D. Siebenrock
- Allan from AtariAge
- Bruce & Cathy from Atari Sales & Service B & C ComputerVisions
- Kay Savetz
- Abbuc RAF team
- Thomas Grasel
- Carsten Strotmann
- Bostjan Gorisek


Enhancements to Graph It - Sales Increase

Enhancements to Graph It - Five Month Budget

Enhancements to Graph It - Federal Reserve

Enhancements to Graph It - Flower-Polar Plot-1

Enhancements to Graph It - Flower-Polar Plot-2

Enhancements to Graph It - Flower-Polar Plot-3

Enhancements to Graph It - 3D-Plot-1

Enhancements to Graph It - 3D-Plot-2

Enhancements to Graph It - 3D-Plot-3

Enhancements to Graph It - 3D-Plot-4

Enhancements to Graph It - Two Dimensional Plots-1

Enhancements to Graph It - Two Dimensional Plots-2

Enhancements to Graph It - Two Dimensional Plots-3