Extended Atari Basic Version 1.1 (BASIC/XA) ; Copyright (C) 1982 by Thomas D. Newton#

EXTENDED ATARI BASIC (BASIC/XA) helps you write programs in ATARI BASIC. It can tell you what variables you have used in your program, their values and dimensions, and which lines use them. BASIC/XA also lets you change variable names, delete a range of lines from your program, renumber your program, and check your program for bad GOTO statements and syntax errors.

This automatically loading program is written in machine language and uses about 4000 bytes of memory. A BASIC program included with both versions lets you relocate the diskette version for your system and provides cassette owners with a way to transfer BASIC/XA to diskette.

To use BASIC/XA, just type DOS when the READY prompt displays. The screen will clear and display your choices, in the style of the DOS menu. Displaying the real DOS menu is one of BASIC/XA's menu choices.

BASIC/XA was sold as a cassette version (APX-10177) and a as well as a diskette version (APX-20177).

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DOS menu of EXTENDED ATARI BASIC (BASIC/XA) with the option to go to the main DOS

Thomas D. Newton, author of EXTENDED ATARI BASIC (BASIC/XA)