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Forth is a programming language that uses a stack-based metaphor in an effort to reduce memory requirements as much as possible. In contrast to languages like Basic, the parser never has to "look ahead" to find additional data in order to see if a command is properly entered, any data it could need has to be pushed onto the stack as well.

The downside to this approach is that it makes the language difficult to understand by mere mortals, and as a result, Forth was subject to perhaps one of the longest running fanboi wars since APL was invented. Constantly derided by practically everyone in the industry, it saw some interest in spite of this, but little commercial software emerged. The singular exception may be the PostScript system found in printers as the underlying basis for the PDF format, which is essentially a version of Forth modified for graphics output.

The Atari 8-bits were being sold right in the middle of this battle, and as a result there was a fair amount of support on the platform and some interest in the press.

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