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How to setup an ACTION! Development Disk#

Each Programmer has its own ideas how a development environment should look like. On this page you can find some ideas. If you are an ACTION! programmer feel free to add your favorite setup to this page:

ACTION! Setup#

  1. Normally I use a blank disk for each new project (serious projects, not quick and dirty tests). I use an ACTION! Cart that can be switched on/off without removing the cart. The disk will be formatted in Single Density or Medium Density Dos 2.x Format (because if I take the disks to a convention there is sometimes no upgraded DD Floppy Drive available).
  2. Next I copy a dos, mostly Stefan Dorndorfs DOS II+ or XDOS. If I write a PGM for MyDos or Sparta/Bewe, I use that DOS.
  3. then I copy the essential tools
  4. the Runtime Source --> ActionSysRuntimeOss and --> ActionSysRuntimeAlt
  5. the Infoline Tool (will be posted here someday) which gives two additional Screenlines with Information on the ACTION! System
  6. some of the Library Routines I need from --> LangACTION

That's all. Nothing special here :)

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